The World through the Windshield of a Mini-Car


The World through the Windshield of a Mini-Car – 2013 Chevy Spark arrives as U.S. demand for mini-cars grows

Chevrolet Mini Cars


DETROIT – Mini-cars are widely popular internationally. Now, U.S. demand and sales are growing as well. After a successful run around the globe with more than 600,000 sales, the Chevrolet Spark is now available here.

Chevrolet Aveo Infographic

Customers’ tastes and needs have differed from region to region since the Spark launched in Korea in 2009. Here are some Spark facts from around the world:

  • The Spark is the best-selling Chevy vehicle in India and pink is the preferred      colour in Korea.
  • In South America, the Spark is seen as a status symbol for up-and-comers.
  • In Europe, the Spark is most popular in Italy.
  • In Africa, customers favourite colour choices are red, cocktail green and      atomic blue.
  • In Australia, the Spark was originally only offered with a manual transmission.
  • The Spark represents 40 percent of all General Motors vehicle sales in      Lebanon.
  • The Spark was reengineered for the United States to add technology and safety  features as well as better ride and handling in city and highway driving.

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