The Toyota Automark Promise


Industry leading checks, stringent standards, and the security that all vehicles are backed by Toyota combine to create the Automark Promise. Since its inception in 1982, Automark has strived to provide this experience to their customers.


The Automark Promise is a guarantee attached to all Automark vehicles to certify that all vehicles have gone through a range of tests to ensure the quality is maintained. The mileage, year model, and owner details are checked amongst other tests. The Automark Promise also certifies that the vehicle is backed by Toyota. All vehicles also receive an Automark certificate to declare all of the above checks were done.

“Automark prides itself on the Automark Promise to all customers and further proves this by a seven day return policy if the customer experiences a serious problem with the vehicle. This policy is standard on all Automark vehicles. Customers can also further protect their vehicles with the Toyota Genuine extended warranty, available for Toyota models,” says Dr. Casper Kruger, Vice President: Sales and Dealer Network of Toyota South Africa.


Automark has grown its footprint in South Africa since 1982. At the onset there were six pilot dealers and thereafter dealers would apply to have Automark as part of their dealerships. In 2007, the decision was made to include Automark in all the Toyota dealerships in Southern Africa. This rocketed the number of dealerships as well as the number of vehicles sold by Automark to an average of 3 300 sales per month. In 2013, the Automark business sold an average of 3 500 vehicles per month.

“The Automark business continues to grow in strength and Toyota South Africa values this partnership. We also value the contribution that has been made to the used car sales market and will continue to support their efforts to become the number one used car sales business in South Africa,” adds Dr Kruger.

Automark has also made the step into the digital arena with a website where all the available vehicles can be found at a mouse click. Visit the website at

Automark dealers can be visited at all 199 Toyota dealerships in Southern Africa.