Cold snap focuses attention on the benefits of fitting winter tyres

The weather maps are changing to hues of blue as the onset of winter makes itself felt. With icy roads and snow storms now part of the UK weather pattern, drivers have a timely reminder of the value of switching their Toyota to tyres that are designed to cope better with tough conditions.

Toyota’s winter tyre programme helps drivers improve the safety and handling performance of their vehicle by using products that are specifically designed to perform consistently well in lower temperatures. They are made from a different rubber compound than conventional tyres, which gives better grip and shorter braking distances once the mercury falls below 7°C.

The time - and temperatures - are right for a Toyota tyre change

Winter tyres are available for almost all Toyota and Lexus models, including hybrids and some past models including the previous-generation Yaris and Prius, which means it is not too late for motorists to make the switch and enjoy safer motoring. The safety message is reinforced by the British Tyre Manufacturers Association, which has produced test results showing that stopping distances from 20mph can be cut by 11 metres on an icy road, and 18 metres on a snowy surface.

Most of Toyota’s winter tyres are manufactured by Yokohama, a company with a worldwide reputation for high quality products. Yokohama carries out extensive research and development into tyre technology to ensure the best possible performance, including operating its own winter test facility, T*MARY, in Japan.

Toyota Centres will supply competitively priced tyres and carry out the change-over process. Owners can also arrange for their standard tyres to be stored by their local centre until they are ready to be refitted in the spring.

Toyota’s commitment to promoting the benefits of winter tyres as well as the importance of general issues such as tread wear, correct pressures and damage, is reflected in its membership of Tyresafe, one of the UK’s leading organisations promoting tyre safety and awareness.