Fiat Automobiles has chosen a highly emotive advertising spot for the launch of the new Panda, departing from the use of traditional marketing language in favour of a message portraying Fiat’s approach to the future.

The 90-second advert describes an Italy driven by talent, passion, creativity and the desire to do things well.

Airing on Italian TV from this week (22 January), the spot is an event in its own right, presenting the product by talking about the people and values behind it.

The choice to deliver a message that is full of symbolism is an important one. The advert shows the Fiat family leading the way in a new era of growth and development in Italy, and all Italians are called on to participate, with the same commitment and determination.

The advertisement is a response to the question: “What kind of Italy do we want to be?” Italy is seen as a nation of art, invention, creative talent, and industrial and technological enterprise.  To dispel the quaint image of Italy and the negative stereotypes that are still often portrayed today, the film shows powerful images of workers at the revitalised Pomigliano d’Arco plant where the new Fiat Panda is made.

“The new Panda is a symbol of Fiat’s know-how in the city car segment and this spot celebrates the return of production to Italy of the icon of Italian city cars: the Panda, the best-selling city car in Europe,” says Olivier François, head of the Fiat brand. “The upgraded plant in Pomigliano has introduced a radical new approach to quality and the campaign tells the story of this special place, a place where an industrious Italy has been reborn.”

The new campaign – which encompasses TV, press, billboards and web – was conceived and developed by the advertising agency Kube Libre, under the creative direction of Luciano Nardi. Shot in and around Naples, it was directed by Luca Maroni.