The South African National Blood Service Tiger Wheel and Tyre


For the third year in a row, Tiger Wheel & Tyre together with The South African National Blood Service called on South African’s throughout the country to donate blood and by so doing, become heroes.

Blood Drive

After a successful month the Tiger Wheel & Tyre blood drive came to a close on Monday the 31st of October, with resounding results from the call to action. Tiger Wheel & Tyre is now proud to announce that throughout October 2011, the drive managed to secure 72 419 usable units of blood out of the total 87 357 units donated.

Tiger Wheel & Tyre Marketing Executive Joe Du Plooy added, “With the festive season looming, such a blood drive is of great importance, that’s why we once again collaborated with SANBS to help those who may need blood during this time.”

Tiger Wheel & Tyre recognises that such an amazing feat would not have been possible without those people who heeded the call to “Be a Hero and save a life”. While the “Be a Hero” campaign has come to a close, Tiger Wheel & Tyre supports the continual donation of blood by those who are able to, and encourages you to participate throughout the year.

Blood Drive Tiger Wheel

To donate blood locate your nearest Blood Donor Centre, visit

or contact the SANBS toll free call centre on 0800 11 9031.