The Rise of GPS Jammers a Threat for Commercial Vehicle Owners


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    Stolen vehicle recovery (SVR) expert, TRACKER is urging fleet managers and business owners to safeguard their fleets against the rise of GPS jammers.   New research from the Sentinel consortium has revealed an increase in thieves using jammers in an attempt to outsmart the police. Criminal gangs are importing cheap GPS jammers from overseas and using them to steal lorries and vans with valuable loads.

    Unlike other stolen vehicle tracking devices which rely on GPS alone, TRACKER is resilient to jamming because it brings together GSM, GPS and VHF* technology.  This unique combination has created the most robust stolen vehicle tracking device available, offering commercial vehicle owners the best protection from this growing threat.

    Just this month, police in Kent arrested and jailed a criminal gang in connection with the theft of 26 vans. Over an 8 month period 150 Mercedes Sprinter vans were reported stolen in the Heathrow Airport area where the gang operated. The highly organised thieves used jammers to disable tracking systems in the vehicles, leaving the criminals free to break up the vans for parts or drive them to Europe.

    “The Sentinel study confirms fears that GPS systems are susceptible to jamming and reinforces the need for van owners to protect not only their vehicle but the load it carries,” says Stuart Chapman, head of TRACKER’s Police Relationship Team. “Most of the vans Kent police discovered were stolen from workmen, who suffered a loss of business, on top of having their van and tools stolen.

    “The current over-reliance on GPS as a security and recovery system increases the opportunity for jammers. Although GPS has a part to play, it’s vital we recognise the impact of its vulnerability, with more and more UK motorists falling victim to jamming devices. We strongly advise van and lorry owners to choose a stolen recovery system that provides the most resilient solution that delivers multiple means of location and communication. TRACKER’s SVR systems use a unique VHF technology, offering motorists an effective safeguard against theft, even if the GPS does fail.”

    Used by all 52 police forces, TRACKER’s stolen vehicle recovery systems inform the police of the initial location of a stolen vehicle.  Crucially, TRACKER will raise an alert if there is any attempt to jam the communication system or tamper with the unit, so the police and owner are aware of the theft instantly. It then uses the precision of VHF technology to track that stolen vehicle to its exact location.

    Concludes Stuart Chapman:  “Visitors at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show will see a showcase of TRACKER’s groundbreaking, patented technology, including our new battery-powered SVR and fleet tracking units.  Our products mark our commitment to continually developing and enhancing our solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our fleet and business customers. Visitors to our stand will see how they can harness the power of telematics to ensure vehicles are protected, fleet efficiency is maximised and costs are reduced.”