It may be Jubilee Year but a majority of Britons have no idea what most of the royal family sound like, a new study from TomTom reveals.

The voice of The Queen is familiar but those of her relatives from Prince Andrew to even Kate Middleton are a mystery to most of the population.

But it also discovered that of all the royals, people would prefer the Duchess of Cambridge to give them directions via their satnav.

The poll of 1,000 adults found the Queen’s voice is familiar to 83 per cent of Brits, perhaps not surprising as she is heard at Christmas and the State Opening of Parliament.

And with a higher profile than other royals, Prince Charles has a voice that 76 per cent would know if they heard it, TomTom found.  The company has just launched the Start 60 satnav to mark the Queen’s 60 years on the throne.

Yet no other royal voice would be recognised by more than half of the population even during this, the most patriotic of years for the monarchy.

Prince Edward is the most unfamiliar of all with just four per cent saying they would recognise his voice.

And despite his globetrotting role as an ambassador for Britain, just six per cent know what Prince Andrew sounds like.

Camilla fares little better, with seven per cent, half the score of the Duchess of Cambridge.

The young Princes do a little better. Harry gets a 21 per cent recognition rating and William 30 per cent.

But while their voices are not always instantly recognisable, Kate Middleton does score more highly when it comes to choosing dulcet tones for a satnav.

Eleven per cent would have Kate’s voice on their gadget to direct them round town, above the nine per cent for The Queen.

But there was little or no support for any of the others.

Celebrities are more popular – almost one in four would like Stephen Fry as the voice of their satnav for instance and other choices include Homer Simpson and John Cleese.

Yet the survey did find there was an overwhelming support for the royal family’s polished accents.

Asked if they thought the accents were ‘too posh’ for modern day Britain, 67 per cent said no, they were not.

A spokesman for TomTom said: “It is surprising that, apart from the Queen and her eldest son, we don’t know what our royal family sound like.

“Kate Middleton, like The Queen herself, does speak very clearly and has a lovely tone which would be perfect for our satnav systems.

“Unfortunately I don’t think we will be able to persuade her to do it for us.”

*TABLE: Which of these royal voices would you recognise?

  1. The Queen – 83 per cent
  2. Prince Charles – 76 per cent
  3. Duke of Edinburgh – 43 per cent
  4. Prince William – 30 per cent
  5. Princess Anne – 26 per cent
  6. Prince Harry – 21 per cent
  7. Kate (Duchess of Cambridge) – 14 per cent
  8. Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall) – 7 per cent
  9. Prince Andrew – 6 per cent
  10. Prince Edward – 4 per cent