• 208 already in great demand
  • 208 is smaller, lighter and more aerodynamic than its predecessor
  • 208 is available with Peugeot’s unique Just Add Fuel® offer from £208 per month

Peugeot 208

The eagerly anticipated and award-winning new Peugeot 208 Supermini, which went on sale on 28th June, has now secured over 7,500 orders since order books opened.

Evolved through ‘regeneration’, the 208 combines all the virtues of its series predecessors, but with numerous extra attributes, being lighter, smaller (on the outside), bigger (on the inside) and more aerodynamic (than the 207) and with a new design style and appealing features that combine to make it very attractive to customers.

Morgan Lecoupeur, Marketing Director at Peugeot UK, said: “There has been an incredible and positive response to the new 208, illustrated by the initial 7,500 orders. It really has been a tremendous start for the car, as it was also named ‘Best Supermini’ at the Auto Express Awards during the first week of launch. The 208 also obtained five stars from Euro NCAP, certifying its safety credentials, and was the first car in its segment to achieve this following the introduction of more demanding review criteria.”

Offers from Peugeot on the 208 in September include the popular Just Add Fuel® scheme, available to new car buyers from 21 years of age, with three years’ fixed price insurance, servicing, warranty, road tax and roadside assistance. ‘Just Add Fuel’® represents real peace of mind motoring with a 208 3dr Access 1.0-litre VTi from £208 per month.

If a special finance offer is preferred, this is available on the Peugeot 208 Active for example (with 62.8mpg and £0 Road Tax in the first year) from £189 per month.

The 208 is available in three and five door body styles, with ten engine options including new three cylinder versions, all of which achieve very low CO2 emissions and high economy performance. The UK range also comes in a choice of five models – Access, Access+, Active, Allure and Feline with prices starting from just £9,995 on the road.

Finally, Peugeot is a key supporter in 2012 of the BBC Children in Need Charity, so look out for linked promotions at Peugeot Dealerships across the country.