The new Opel Zafira OPC

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A sports van with exceptional driving dynamics

The Opel Zafira OPC offers exclusive characteristics of the world’s fastest series minivan: an as yet unrivalled blend of “sports van” driving dynamics and variability, which is at the top of its class. A 2.0-liter turbocharged petrol engine with a maximum output of 177 kW powers the front wheels via a six-speed manual transmission. The power unit provides its maximum torque of 320 Nm from 2,400 rpm and accelerates the innovative sports van to 100km/h in 7.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 231 km/h.

Zafira Opel Johannesburg Car Shows

The Zafira OPC’s unique sporty potential is expressed in its design: a deep front spoiler with large central engine cooling air-intake and fog lamps, 18-inch wheels in the exclusive OPC six-spoke design with a tire size of 225/40 ZR18 Y, accentuated side sills as well as a powerful looking rear end with trapezoidal tail pipes.

Zafira Opel Car Shows

In the interior, top-quality Recaro sports seats, a leather-covered sports steering wheel and a leather covered gear knob, aluminium pedals as well as sports instruments and door sills in the typical OPC design emphasize the vehicle’s exclusivity. The seven-seater combines this ambience with exemplary spaciousness and the unbeatable advantages of the patented Flex-7 seating system, whereby it can be effortlessly transformed within seconds into a six-, five-, four-, three-, or two-seater, without the problems of having to remove or store the seats.

The Zafira OPC’s chassis and suspension features, just like the engine, a consistently sporty character and offers high active safety reserves. A 17-inch high-performance brake system and IDSPlus2 (Interactive Driving System) play their part, the latter being the latest state of development of the highly developed driving dynamics control system. Within this system all driver assistance systems such as the driving stability control system (ESP) and various brake functions are integrated and harmonized with each other. The benefit: excellent stability and handling.

Zafira Car Shows Opel

The Design: Innovative and Trend-setting

For the Zafira’s appearance, the specific aim was to emphasize the sporty attributes from a functional basic shape. The Zafira OPC can at once be recognized as being part of the OPC model family. A typical design feature is the deep front spoiler with the large central cooling air-intake, with fog lamps in spot-light design positioned in strikingly drawn-out shafts.

The side view of the compact sports van is that of a 15-millimeter lowered suspension (compared to a mass-produced model), 18-inch wheels in the typical OPC six-spoke design and more prominent door sills. Also typical for the OPC vehicles’ appearance are the blue-painted brake calipers. The optical highlight is the powerful rear end with a prominent spoiler, a double flow exhaust system with trapezoidal tail pipes and an aerodynamic additional profile on the roof edge.

Engine and drive train: a distinctive character and superior engine power

With an output of 177 kW, the Zafira OPC ranks worldwide among the most powerful series-built front-wheel drive automobiles (apart from the Astra OPC, equipped with the same engine). The 1.2 bar power unit attains its output peak at 5,600 rpm. The maximum torque of 320 Nm is available at a constant level and within an rpm range of 2,400 to 5,000 rpm, to the significant advantage of drivability and elasticity.

Zafira Car Shows

The Zafira’s 2.0-liter four-valve engine boost a special technical solution, which was first introduced in a production model by Opel in 1992 in the Calibra Turbo. This solution, also known as the integral turbocharger system, combines the exhaust manifold, turbo housing and wastegate into one single assembly, making it is lighter and more compact. It also makes a key contribution to the engine’s performance: the short gas flow paths between the turbine and the engine, as well as the use of a low-inertia turbine result in what is known as “low-end torque”, an engine operating characteristic in which the torque curve rises steeply from idle speed, ensuring an immediate response to even the smallest load changes.

IDSPlus2: The Second Generation of the “Adaptive Dynamic Chassis Control System”

With its combination of McPherson strut front suspension and torsion-beam rear axle, the Zafira OPC matches the Astra OPC’s basic set-up. Aside special spring- and shock absorber rates, rebound stop springs in the suspension struts come into operation, as well as higher preload and reduced friction stabiliser bearings and adjusted steering-knuckle geometry. These are measures that come together to convert the sports van’s performance potential into precise handling, neutral self-steering as well as high active safety.

The 17-inch brake system plays an active role in this with internally ventilated front disks (diameter 321 x 28mm), as well as solid disks at the rear axle (278 x 10mm). It guarantees deceleration rates rivaling those of a sports car, coupled with outstanding strength and feel. The electro-hydraulic power steering was designed by OPC engineers to ensure best possible road contact and precise response. Wheels measuring 8 J x 18 in the exclusive OPC six-spoke design, which are equipped with the standard tire 225/40 R18-92 Y, ensure an optimized road grip.

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