The new Husqvarna models TR 650 Terra and TR 650 Strada


Husqvarna Motorcycles – road bikes and off-road bikes with a long tradition.

Husqvarna models TR 650

Husqvarna Motorcycles is an international manufacturer of off-road  and on-road motorbikes. It was originally founded in Sweden and has  been part of the BMW Group since 2007. Since this time, the innovative  technological capabilities of Husqvarna Motorcycles have been  dynamically strengthened, and on a lasting basis, through its alliance  with BMW Motorrad.

The motorcycle brand with the Scandinavian roots, based today  in Cassinetta di Biandronno in the northern Italian province of  Varese, boasts a tradition of motorcycle manufacturing which stretches  back more than 100 years, making Husqvarnas the oldest motorcycles in  the world with an uninterrupted production record. In ten decades of  company history, Husqvarna Motorcycles has been able to achieve  outstanding success in international off-road racing, with 82 World  Championship titles to its name to date. In road racing, Husqvarna was  successful in the 1920s and 1930s, so it was a logical step to set  about expanding today’s product range in the on-road arena once again.

Husqvarna models TR 650 2012

Husqvarna re-entered the road bike segment in 2011 with the  presentation of the Husqvarna Nuda 900 and Husqvarna Nuda 900 R  models. These models, developed in collaboration with BMW Motorrad,  likewise display Husqvarna’s typical pure, athletic and dynamic  styling. The brand most recently provided a look ahead to further  extension of the model range with the Husqvarna Concept MOAB,  Husqvarna Concept Strada and Husqvarna Concept BAJA studies.

With the new Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra, Husqvarna  Motorcycles continues its model offensive that began last year with  the successful launch of its road models.

Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra – two powerful    characters for on-road and off-road riding.

With the new TR 650 Strada and the new TR 650 Terra, Husqvarna  Motorcycles extends its program of highly agile, dynamic  single-cylinder motorcycles by adding two attractive new machines.

Their slim, wiry stature and masculine, dynamic design gives the new  Husqvarna TR 650 models a progressive, light and energetic look,  whether as the “Terra” version for light terrain or as the  “Strada” version for asphalt-based motorcycling fun. At the  same time, the two new Husqvarna models are clearly set apart from  their competitors with their outstanding overall package of handling  and riding dynamics as well as in terms of design. Along with their  relatively low weight, a powerful single-cylinder engine and an agile,  directionally-stable chassis they embody the passion of motorcycling  and the fascinating world of Husqvarna Motorcycles.

Outstandingly powerful single-cylinder engine in the BMW    Motorrad mould.

In terms of engine technology, the TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra  rely on the tried and tested basis of the G 650 GS by BMW Motorrad.  However, this liquid-cooled single-cylinder power unit with two  overhead camshafts and 652 cc was extensively modified and its  performance significantly enhanced for use in the two new Husqvarna  models. It delivers 43 kW (58 hp) at 7,250 rpm, developing its  maximum torque of 60 Nm at 5,750 rpm. For those countries with  graduated licencing, there is also there is also a reduced power  version on offer as an ex works option with 35 kW (48 hp) at 7,250 rpm  and 54 Nm of torque at 5,750 rpm.

The single-cylinder engine has been modified with a wide range of  measures to hone it for its athletic, dynamic purpose. In addition to  various other improvements, such features as a modified electronic  fuel-injection system, altered camshafts and an increased compression  ratio due to modified piston and cylinder head geometries ensure  powerful propulsion, high revving and spontaneous response.  Nonetheless, with its exhaust system in stainless steel including two  rear silencers and a closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, the engine  provides not just an especially high level of single-cylinder riding  fun but also excellent fuel efficiency and environmental compatibility.

In conjunction with the constant-mesh 5-speed gearbox, the powerful  and high-revving single-cylinder engine in the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada  puts in an especially impressive performance on country roads, while a  full torque curve and spontaneous response also allow supreme off-road  excursions over light terrain on the TR 650 Terra.

Robust, high-quality chassis for riding fun both on and off    the road.

The new Husqvarna models TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra are able to  rely on an agile chassis based on a split-backbone tubular steel frame  with remove-able rear frame and front beam bolted to the engine.

Front guidance and suspension duties are dealt with by a  torsionally-stiff 46 millimetre upside-down telescopic fork. The rear  wheel is controlled by a torsionally-stiff dual swing arm made of  pentagonal steel tubing in conjunction with a centrally-mounted rear  shock with progressive linkage. In keeping with its use on asphalted  roads, the Husqvarna TR 650 Strada has cast wheels made of aluminium  while the TR 650 Terra reflects its off-road suitability with a  centrally-mounted rear shock with progressive linkage. Generous  suspension travel of 190 millimetres at the front and rear makes for  easy handling and a high level of directional stability combined with  excellent comfort and off-road qualities.

TR 650 Strada fitted as standard with ABS. TR 650 Terra with    ABS as an optional feature.

To match the dynamic performance available, the brake system consists  of a single-disc brake at front and rear which offers supremely solid  stopping power. The new Husqvarna TR 650 Strada is fitted as standard  with ABS, while the new Husqvarna TR 650 Terra can likewise feature  ABS if this is ordered as an ex works option. The ABS is disengageable  for special uses.

Masculine shaping in dynamic, Italian design.

To reflect their high level of riding dynamics, the lines of the new  Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra have been given a particular  dynamic emphasis in terms of design. Although they embody masculine  athleticism, their clearly-defined shaping nonetheless conveys a sense  of agility and lightness. While the light-alloy cast wheels in the TR  650 Strada embody the active riding character of a road bike, the  spoke wheels combined with a high fender on the front wheel reveal the  dual sport ambitions of the TR 650 Terra.

The two new Husqvarna models have a robust, masculine appearance  through selective use of black-coated chassis elements such as frame  and swingarm.  In addition, red side trim elements for the TR 650  Terra, and a black side panel for the TR 650 Strada, in combination  with the Strada’s low white front fender, lend a unique appearance to each.

The bikes’ high aspirations in terms of riding dynamics are  underscored by the light-gray sand-cast engine cases, providing a  fascinating technical contrast in conjunction with the hallmark  Husqvarna red cylinder head.  Further accents are provided the  anodized-silver upside-down forks and the end caps of the twin  exhausts, which proudly exhibit the Husqvarna logo.

The new Husqvarna TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra are manufactured at  the Husqvarna Motorcycles plant in Cassinetta di Biandronno, northern Italy.

An overview of the key features of the new Husqvarna    TR 650 Strada and TR 650 Terra:

  • Powerful, high-revving single-cylinder engine with a 652 cc capacity.
  • Output 43 kW (58 hp) at 7,250 rpm and maximum torque of 60 Nm at    5,750 rpm.
  • Output version 35 kW (48 hp) at 7,250 rpm and maximum torque of    54 Nm at 5,750 rpm as an ex works option for those countries    offering graduated licences.
  • TR 650 Strada, unladen weight: 168 kg (370.37 lbs) / weight fully    fuelled: 186 kg (410.06 lbs). (US-Version: 374.78 lbs / 414.47 lbs)
  • TR 650 Terra, unladen weight: 166 kg (365.96 lbs) / weight fully    fuelled: 184 kg (405.65 lbs). (US-Version n.a.)
  • TR 650 Terra without ABS, unladen weight: 165 kg (363,76 lbs) /    weight fully fuelled: 183 kg (403.44 lbs). (US-Version: 368.17 lbs /    410.06 lbs)
  • Handling-oriented, robust chassis concept with split-backbone    frame and swing arm made of steel as well as telescopic fork and    rear shock with linkage (suspension travel at front and rear 190 mm    / 7.5”).
  • Light alloy cast wheels in finely wrought 10-spoke design for the    TR 650 Strada and characteristic off-road spoke wheels with    light-alloy rims and hubs for the TR650 Terra.
  • Highly stable brake system with single disc brake front and rear    and ABS (as standard in the TR 650 Strada, ex works option for the    TR 650 Terra).
  • Masculine design with dynamically-shaped body panels.
  • Fuel tank placed to optimise centre of gravity for enhanced handling.
  • Options and special accessories: ABS (TR 650 Terra only), power    reduction to 35 kW (48 hp), windshield, hand protectors, low seat,    engine guard, heated grips, alarm system, rear softbag, topcase,    side pannier.