The Mystery 3D Car in the BMW Museum. An unusual puzzle in 3D.


Munich. From 13 March to 30 April 2012, the BMW  Museum will be showcasing a rather unusual exhibit – a 3D puzzle  created by legendary puzzle writer CUS and presented on the BMW LMR  V12, winner of the 1999 Le Mans and one of the most fascinating racing  cars in BMW history. The so-called “Mystery Car” will be parked in the foyer of the BMW Museum and can be viewed without an  admission ticket.

3D Car BMW

The exterior surface of the race car is designed as an extremely  challenging brainteaser: puzzle fiends with plenty of ingenuity are  called for. The puzzle contains no words whatsoever, consisting solely  of symbols, mysterious numbers and letters, as well as images,  pointers and abbreviations.

Only those who correctly interpret all 16  parts of the puzzle, then work out the relationship between them and  understand the mechanics by which all the parts mesh together, will be  able to solve the puzzle and come up with the sentence concerning the  BMW LMR V12 that is the correct solution.

3D Car BMW 2012

The person who dreamed up and devised the puzzle is CUS, who hides  his identity behind this acronym. To a large community of brainteaser  fans, he has been known for several years as the author of  “Germany’s most difficult puzzle” – the    Großes Rätselrennen (big puzzle contest) that  appeared in the magazine supplement of the Süddeutsche    Zeitung newspaper until 2007.

Today he still composes a cryptic  crossword for the magazine, while for the Neue Zürcher  Zeitung he writes “Switzerland’s most difficult  puzzle”. CUS is also the author of famous puzzles for    Langenscheidt’s Goldwörterbuch (gold  dictionary), the Schatzmarathon (treasure marathon) and the  TV series IQ-Denksport (IQ mental exercises). CUS has also  written several books on the subject of brainteasers.

Answers should be submitted online by 30 April 2012 to All correct  solutions will be entered into a draw for four attractive prizes. The  main winner, for example, will be granted an unforgettable day on the  Nürburgring in the BMW M3 as part of the “BMW M Experience.  BMW M Power Insider” programme.