The Mercedes-Benz Alustyle roof carrier series: The secure and stylish way to attach a roof load


Individual attachment solutions for a wide range of models and body variants, aerodynamically optimised and crash-tested – these are the common features of the Alustyle roof carrier series developed by Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, available from all Mercedes-Benz partners.

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The cross-bars on the basic carriers are made of aluminium and are connected to the vehicle roof with steel elements. They are lockable and can be supplied as an optional extra in a sturdy bag made from high-quality nylon fabric, perfect for storage and transport.A specialadvantage: the tilt/sliding sunroof still functions normally with the roof carrier attached.The basic carriers form the base for attaching bicycle carriers, ski and snowboard racks and roof boxes from the Mercedes-Benz accessories range. These can be simply and securely attached using the T-slot in the cross-bar. Catalogues with the comprehensive model-specific range of accessories from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH are available to download .

New Alustyle Quickfix basic carrier: can be attached securely without tools

They can be mounted in next to no time, and no additional tools whatever are required – this is the innovative advantage of the new Alustyle Quickfix basic carrier generation, which Mercedes-Benz Accessories can now offer for the new B-Class, and will be offering in future for the new A-Class.

The innovative quick-grip mounting is failsafe, and can be easily managed by every customer. The lockable plastic caps are an effective theft deterrent, and at the same time ensure that the quick-release lever cannot become detached. Close cooperation between accessory developers, body experts and the designers of the new compact vehicles was needed to develop the Alustyle Quickfix, and so four readily accessible attachment points have been fully integrated into the roof design.

Other important criteria in the design of the Alustyle Quickfix were the optimisation of aerodynamics and noise level, and also crash testing, which at Mercedes-Benz goes well beyond the legal requirements. All components in the carrier systems meet the highest standards in terms of operating stability and durability.

The basic carrier and the special racks and fixtures for bycicles, skis, snowboards and roof boxes, as well as other customised accessories, are now available at all Mercedes-Benz partners for the B-Class, and from September for the A-Class. A reliable spare parts supply service is also in place.

A successful balancing act: lightweight, yet extremely stable

The Mercedes-Benz basic carrier system illustrates that low weight and high stability are not incompatible properties – for example, the two aluminium tubes with the steel bases in the Alustyle Easy-Fix II carrier bar for the new M-Class weigh just 4.8 kilograms, but can withstand loads of up to 100 kilograms. This means they are ideal for transporting bulky roof boxes and complete sets of sports equipment. The Alustyle system also ensures that any roof load is securely protected. In terms of crash safety, for example, it not only meets legal requirements, but also the much stricter Mercedes-Benz standards. T

esting includes crash tests, and a road durability test with up to 50 percent cargo overload and high acceleration stresses. As a result, the carrier and carrier lock can withstand even extreme, sudden manoeuvres without falling from the roof or loosening.

Design: elegant silhouette, including with roof carrier

When designing the carrier systems, considerable emphasis was placed on ensuring both stylish looks and optimum functionality. The roof carriers were designed in close cooperation with the Mercedes-Benz Design Center in Sindelfingen. As a result, their shapes are a perfect match for the elegant design of the Mercedes-Benz models they are designed for. There is a specially developed carrier set for almost each model.

Overview of the basic carriers available:

Basic carrier Model series
New Alustyle CLS, E-Class Saloon & Coupé, C-Class Saloon & Coupé, S-Class, R-Class
Alustyle Easy-Fix C-Class Estate, E-Class Estate,
Alustyle Easy-Fix II M-Class, GL-Class, GLK-Class (with roof rail)
Alustyle Quickfix B-Class, future A-Class

I deal for leisure activities: special carriers from the Alustyle range

The New Alustyle multifunctional carrier system will be a big attraction for everyone who enjoys recreational sports – to begin with, it forms the base for mounting the generously sized Mercedes-Benz roof boxes (see the next section). As well, the Mercedes-Benz Accessories range includes bicycle, ski and snowboard racks that have been specially customised for the basic carrier bars:

Mercedes-Benz Accessories

For cyclists: the New Alustyle bicycle rack

Depending on the vehicle in question, up to four cycle racks can be mounted on the roof carrier. Each cycle rack is suitable for transporting bicycles with a maximum frame diameter of 98 mm (for round frame tubes), or 110 x 70 mm (for oval frame tubes). The maximum permissible weight per bicycle has recently been increased, including for New Alustyle bicycle racks that have already been delivered: it is now 20 kg (previously 17.5 kg), and now makes allowance for the trend towards electric bikes. To ensure that the maximum permissible roof load is not exceeded, the weight of the roof carrier, bicycle racks and cycles should be added together.

The support frame on the New Alustyle bicycle rack can be folded down, which reduces drag when driving without the cycles attached. Bicycles can mounted in one of two ways: on the roof, or with convenient mounting at ground level. Coil locks are available as an optional extra to safeguard the bikes against theft.

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For winter sports enthusiasts: ski and snowboard racks

The standard version of the Alustyle carrier for winter sports is designed for up to four pairs of skis or two pairs of snowboards. The Comfort model can transport up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards. A special feature of this variant is its practical “pull-out” function, which makes loading and unloading easy. Both rack systems have been tested to the strict Mercedes-Benz standards. They can also be locked to protect against theft. As an alternative, you can use the large roof boxes, which offer protection against the elements, and secure storage space for up to six pairs of skis or four snowboards.