The Los Angeles Auto Show during 1950 – 1960 Brief History


    After a hiatus of 12 years, the first auto show after WWII opened in Los Angeles, returning in 1952 to the Pan Pacific Auditorium.

    1950 LA Auto Show 2011

    The LA Auto Show is taking place on the 17-27 November in Los Angeles USA. If you are in the area make sure to visit the Auto Show!

    The show had 152 vehicles on display, represented by automobile manufacturers from England, France and Italy, along with US domestic manufacturers.

    This was in sharp contrast to no overseas manufacturers being represented at the previously held show in 1940.

    Soldiers returning from the war brought back with them an interest in European cars and the number of imports at the show climbed steadily during the 1950’s. The word “international” was added to the show name to signify the broader interest of consumers in vehicles from Europe.

    1950 Motor Show

    By the end of the decade, the show had 400 vehicles on display, including those representing seven foreign countries.