The Freight Transport Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Julie Maddocks as its new Head of Media Relations, a valued new member of the team which already provides a comprehensive service to newspapers, magazines and broadcasters on issues relating to UK and international freight transport by road, rail, sea and air.

Having worked in many different roles on television, radio and in newspapers, and for a wide variety of media organisations including the BBC and ITN, Julie already has extensive experience and knowledge of working with the press from both sides of the microphone and camera, as interviewer and interviewee, so understands the ‘media scrum’ all too well, and is perfectly placed to represent the association in all its work which is vital in the support of its 14,000 members.

Julie will be working alongside a well established media team at FTA, which continuously works to ensure that FTA represents its members to the highest degree, as it publishes regular press releases, produces feature items on request, and is able to provide experienced and expert spokespeople on a range of transport issues at a moment’s notice.

She is no stranger to the problems faced on the roads of the UK, having started her broadcasting career as ‘Julie Jambuster’, a travel reporter who flew over the roads of Kent, and amongst her other jobs over the years has continued to work in similar roles for many other TV and radio stations.

Julie Maddocks said: “I am absolutely delighted to be joining FTA in the role of Head of Media Relations.  It is an incredible opportunity for me to help spread the word in not only representing its members, but ensuring that all FTA’s campaign messages, including the brilliant Love Logistics, are maximised in all aspects of the media.  I am aiming not only at the traditional press as we know it, but also the world of social media, whether it be Twitter or Facebook, which offers us so many opportunities to get our message across the world’s press, and to continue to help grow the reputation of this fantastic organisation.”