With the New Year ahead the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) is determined to make 2012 count for you and your business.

    The IMI’s return on investment (ROI) studies issued last year showed that training drives business and the companies who invested enjoyed increased ROI ranging from 98%-187%.This proves that even though it is a tough economic climate at the moment, ensuring your staff keep their skills up to date can pay off.

    A recent research report conducted by the IMI* found that 76% of businesses offered formal training during the last two years. However going forward, only 57% of businesses were now planning to provide further training over the next two years. The main reason quoted for this was down to cost, with 49% of businesses feeling that training is too expensive.

    The IMI can allay this concern by offering a range of training courses to the sector all of which are discounted to members of the Professional Register. Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an integral part of membership to ensure that professionals can improve their performance, increase productivity and take pride in their career.

    Following extensive consultation with those working in the sector, the CPD offer has been developed to meet growing training needs and for the first time brings courses covering areas such as new technology delivered by vehicle manufacturers to those who previously couldn’t access these types of training opportunities before.

    Keeping up to date with new technology, health and safety and legislation are all essential areas that the CPD courses can address. We also have the pleasure of announcing the release of eight new e-learning courses which are available for as little as £35.

    This increases the current e-learning portfolio to 26 courses which vary in their detail and will take as little as an hour to complete but can be accessed for between 6 months and a whole year following the purchase without, for example, leaving the workplace if access to a computer is available.

    With the discounts offered to those on the Professional Register, it is a useful incentive to encourage training.

    To see the full range of courses on offer and to book visit

    Join the Professional Register today to see the benefits of CPD and training with the IMI and make training your New Year’s resolution for 2012.