The Fiat 500 speaks out in Berlin


The Fiat 500 continues to get itself talked about and once again, in innovative and spectacular style.

In the heart of Berlin at the legendary Checkpoint Charlie, on the corner of Friedrichstraße, the new Italian cult car calls out to passers-by from the top of a huge advertising cube with videos, messages in lights and giant hoardings.

From two hoardings, each measuring 288 square metres, the Fiat 500 invites passers-by to send a text message (password “Fiat 500”, number 84000). The result is a 20-metre message strip with scrolling messages and greetings that also appear live on the homepage of the new Fiat 500 via Rss-Feed.

This original campaign fits perfectly into a marketing strategy that sets out to involve fans from around the world with the slogan “500 people’s car, created by the people”. Suffice it to say that 3,000,000 people have contributed ideas to the Fiat 500 project by visiting the website

This sensational outdoor campaign in the very heart of Berlin was created by Fiat together with the communication experts Carat Wiesbaden and the agency Magic Touch of Hamburg.

Incidentally, the Fiat 500 has already caused great interest in the German capital: the prestigious “Car of the Year 2008” prize won by the Fiat 500 was handed over at a ceremony in Berlin on 28 January.

To mark that occasion a ground-breaking initiative was organised in the German capital, which involved a car manufacturer using part of its underground rail network for the very first time. From the beginning of 2008 until 27 January, two Fiat 500s painted in the exclusive pearl white body shade, were seen on a flatbed railtruck being drawn by a train. As the train went through each of the 170 stations, U-Bahn travellers were able to admire the tiny Fiat.

The ubiquitous new 500 will make its official South African debut on the 5th July. Watch this space…