The driving force behind Jacques Kallis


So how does one of the world’s leading cricketers get from A to B? The answer is easy: in a car that echoes his reputation as a brutally effective all-rounder that has stood the test of time.

In his benefit year, Kallis remains a dominate force in world Cricket. He remains the only cricketer to notch up 8,000 runs, 200 wickets and 100 catches in both Test and One Day International cricket. He is a true world beater, much like the 6.0L 270kW Chevrolet Lumina SS that he now drives, thanks to a sponsorship from General Motors and the Thorpe GM dealership in Cape Town.

“Jacques Kallis is an icon of South African sport and thoroughly deserves to be driving a performance vehicle like the Lumina SS,” commented Malcolm Gauld, VP of Sales and Marketing for General Motors in South Africa. “In terms of performance ability, the two are certainly a perfect match!”