The Day after Christmas, Cyber Monday or Boxing Day


    The Day after Christmas, Family Day or Boxing Day

    the day after Christmas

    Christmas has come, and Christmas has gone. What are you going to do the day after Christmas? In some countries the day after Christmas is called Boxing Day or Family day. Usually all over the world the 26th of December is a Public or Bank Holiday which means most office workers and government employees will not be working the day after Christmas.

    If you are expecting some late mail deliveries tomorrow it is likely that the Post Office will be closed and you will have to wait for one more day after Christmas before you can go and collect your gifts or get your delivery.

    This is normal, for many people the day after Christmas forms part of their annual holiday. Many people in different Countries choose to spend the day after Christmas differently.

    Boxing Day in Australia and New Zealand – (The Day after Christmas)

    If you do not know what Boxing Day is, you may easily think that on Boxing Day all Australians and New Zealanders comes together for one big Boxing Fight. This is not what Boxing Day is; Boxing Day is the day after Christmas which is similar to the Australians and New Zealanders as the day after thanks-giving for Americans.

    The day after Christmas is the best day to find bargains in Australia and New Zealand, and many people use Boxing Day to find the best shopping days.

    The day after Christmas became Boxing Day in the UK

    According to the Wikipedia Online Encyclopedia no one can say for sure when the day after Christmas became Boxing Day. It is believed that the rich people who could buy gifts over the Christmas period left their boxes and gift wrapping outside for less fortunate people to come and clean up. They will then leave some sort of reward for these people inside the boxes.

    In the UK Boxing Day tradition included giving to the less fortunate.

    Today Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) is celebrated totally different in the UK. In the UK Today you can also find some of the best shopping specials the day after Christmas.

    In South Africa the day after Christmas is called the Day of Goodwill

    In South Africa the day after Christmas (Boxing Day) have been officially changed to the Day of Goodwill with the new government, traditionally stores are closed in South Africa on the day of Goodwill, but the economy down turn may force more stores to open in South Africa on Boxing day than before, following trends in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the USA.

    Traditionally the day after Christmas is the day that families spend quality time together, they give to the less fortunate is also practiced as how it originated in the UK. On Boxing Day workers will visit their employers and expect something in return for their hard work over the past year!

    The day after Christmas in the USA

    Although it is not officially a bank holiday in the USA the day after Christmas, many people choose not to work on the 26th of December. In the USA it is usually a busy day for shops and malls as thousands of people go to the malls to exchange factory fault Christmas gifts or Exchange not wanted Christmas gifts for something that they really wanted.

    Shops in the USA are expected to be very busy on the day of Christmas and it is expected that the 26th of December this year will be no different!

    Cyber Monday or Cyber Boxing Day:

    The internet have changed many old traditions of doing things, The Cyber Monday, Cyber Boxing Day, or the day after Christmas is a new trend that we have only experienced for the last couple of years. Many online and offline retailers have had their best revenue being generated on the day after Christmas and we can expect that tomorrow and today will be no different.

    Recently online retailers have made bargain hunting and price decreases more readily available on the internet, and it is expected that tomorrow we will see record breaking sales as shoppers hope to buy Quality gifts that did not sell before Christmas at bargain prices!

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