The Dakar Rally Facebook page have more than 600 000 followers


 The Dakar Rally Facebook page have received more than 600 000 Likes and Followers on Facebook proving that the race is not only the most competitive endurance rally race in the world but also one of the most liked races in the world.

Dakar 2013 Facebook

The Dakar Rally Facebook page also provide visitors and supporters with the latest updates from the Dakar 2013 race and visitors to the Dakar Rally Facebook page will be able to view the Dakar 2013 Rally in pictures from the Dakar Rally Facebook page.

The Dakar 2013 Rally Facebook page is the ideal place to find the latest updates for the Dakar race and promises to keep fans updated with the latest action of the Dakar 2013.

You can find the Dakar 2013 Facebook page at!/dakar

3D Car Shows Dakar 2013 Updates

We here at 3D Car Shows will also keep visitors to the 3D Car Shows site updated with the latest updates from the Dakar 2013 Rally. We are openly supporting the Toyota Dakar 2013 South African team and the Land Rover Race2Recovery teams and will provide more in-depth information about these teams.

You can read more about the Dakar 2013 race on the 3D Car Shows site at

Dakar 2013


About the Dakar Rally in South America

The first Dakar Rally was born in 1977 when Thierry Sabine got lost on his motorbike in the Libyan desert he returned to France and promised himself that he will start the Rally to promote the beautiful landscape and the adventure of the race with as many people as possible. The race were known as the Paris to Dakar Rally the route were originally from Paris to Dakar. In 2009 the Paris to Dakar Rally moved to South America for the first time.

In motoring and racing circles the Dakar Rally is considered the toughest of the tough endurance races in the world, and many drivers consider it as the biggest Rally adventure in the world.

The Dakar 2013 rally started in Lima, Peru South America on January 5, 2012 and is currently underway!