Young people are the most impressed by expensive cars and are the most likely to think that how expensive your car is impacts on your perceived levels of attractiveness, according to a new survey.

Many people have considered buying a flash, expensive car to help recapture their youth or impress the opposite sex, but sadly not everyone is so easily won over.

While overall 69 per cent of UK adults think that your car makes no difference to how attractive you are, those in the 18-24 age appear to be more easily influenced by car choice, with 33 per cent saying that expensive cars make you more attractive. Likewise, in the 25-34 age bracket 24 per cent think that car choice makes a difference. The results come from a survey of 2056 UK adults commissioned by the UK’s biggest car leasing marketplace,*.

Overall just 13 per cent thought that an expensive car made a difference, but the older and wiser age groups were clearly less easily impressed, with the 65+ age bracket the least likely to say it matters; 79 per cent voting that the car doesn’t affect attractiveness at all.

In terms of geographic regions, it was the Scots who were the least impressed; just 7 per cent said a pricey, flashy car makes you more attractive versus 25 per cent for London, where Brits seem the most easily swayed by a car.

“Young people often yearn for an expensive, flashy motor; something that for most is out of their reach. It is understandable therefore that they are drawn to people who have a nice car and believe it adds something to their appeal,” says spokesperson, Richard Lawton.

“Likewise, the stereotype of the penny-pinching Scot and the London socialite sits well with our findings. Scots appear to put less value on material possessions, whereas some money-driven residents of the Capital like to see it well spent,” he adds.

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