The BMW Motorrad principle Safety 360: Rider training courses

Safety based on vehicle control – individually tailored
BMW Motorrad rider training courses for off-road, safety and race track.

BMW Motorcycles Training

The aims of BMW Motorrad rider training courses are to enable one hundred per cent discovery of the passion for motorcycling and to gain sound riding experience – thereby increasing safety. After all, motorcycling does not offer fun and pleasure to perfection until the rider has confident mastery of the machine – whether over rough terrain, on the road or on the race track. In each of these areas, BMW Motorrad offers specialised rider training courses for beginners, advanced riders and even children. These courses are supplemented by the national programs provided by BMW Motorrad partners in a wide range of countries.

BMW Motorrad instructor qualification ensures excellent quality. The BMW Motorrad International Instructor Academy guarantees a very high standard of instructor qualification for off-road and safety training courses. As far as race track training courses are concerned, not only qualified instructors deliver the programs: BMW Motorrad also draws on the services of well-known racing motorcyclists.

Off-road Rider training courses

BMW Motorrad off-road rider training – acquire and develop secure vehicle control away from asphalted road surfaces.

BMW Motorrad recognised the need for rider training courses and specialised training options early on. As long ago as 1994, a fascinating training facility was provided for BMW Motorrad riders when the Enduro Park Hechlingen was opened. This 26-hectare space is regarded as a veritable paradise for
off-road motorcyclists. Spectacular water crossings and steep slopes alternate with potholes, gravel, sand and mud, offering the very finest enduro experience.

Highly qualified instructors teach beginners the basics of enduro riding and even experienced off-roaders can learn from the experts. Participants are challenged – but not overstretched. Training participants start by learning the basics of enduro riding such as the correct line of sight, the ideal seating position and effective braking on loose surfaces so as to prepare efficiently for future off-road rides.

There is also a special trial course which enables participants to try their hand at riding light, agile trial motorbikes. Trial training courses are also offered for younger participants aged between 10 and 18.

Safety Rider training courses

BMW Motorrad rider training – increased safety in road traffic.

The more practice you have, the more safely you ride. This especially applies to motorcycling beginners and restarters. The compact motorcycle training course delivered at the BMW Rider Training Centre in Munich teaches participants to respond correctly to critical situations in city traffic. Here, participants learn how to shift their weight correctly, as well as acquiring mastery of the right steering movements and impulses so as to control the motorcycle more effectively in dangerous situations. Practical exercises featuring braking and steering techniques form part of the compact training course as do tips and tricks provided by the instructors for greater safety. The advanced motorcycle training course is ideal for those who wish to extend their riding skills even further. Cornering techniques, skilled avoidance, slalom and line of sight are practiced intensely here.

Race track training courses.

BMW Motorrad Race Academy and Track Days – performance-oriented riding on the race track.

For many riders with sporty ambitions, riding on a race track is the ultimate form of motorcycling, as they dream of the “knee on the ground” position, late braking into bends and skilfully following the ideal line at speed. Although these courses are geared towards riding at speed on the race track, they actually feature a wealth of content which is of direct relevance to the day-to-day handling of a motorcycle on public roads, too. After all, if you are able to control your motorcycle on the race track at threshold level, you have a much higher skill level to be able to respond appropriately in critical situations that might occur in road traffic.

For this reason, BMW Motorrad has organised the BMW Motorrad Race Academy since 2010 – race track training courses aimed at experienced motorcyclists and those with sporting ambitions which provide a specialised program for performance-oriented race track riding. What is more, the so-called Track Days have been held since 2012, offering BMW Motorrad fans the opportunity to ride the S 1000 RR on the race track – partially under the professional guidance of none other than two-times World Superbike Championship winner Troy Corser.

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