It’s the kind of customer service feedback that all businesses in any industry would want to hear, especially at a time when everyone is facing such enormous financial challenges. In such circumstances, it means that all businesses have to ‘up their game’ on customer service.  At Isuzu Truck UK however, it is already in the fortunate position of having crafted and implemented a truly unique approach to its award-winning and enviable customer CARE programme: Customer facing, Always listening, Reliable and trustworthy, Efficient and friendly.

UNDERCOVER BOSS III - Episode 4 - Isuzu Trucks - Nikki King

One of Isuzu’s northern customers contacted Isuzu after his vehicle broke down at 4pm in the afternoon and was recovered by Isuzu Truck parts and service dealer -Washington Truck and Repair.

The customer said: “I was impressed by the ‘ultra- fast response and even more impressed to receive a letter this morning -it was the best-ever service.”

At the other end of the country, David Payne, Director of DJ Wright Dairies in Dorset, sent an email to his Isuzu Customer Care Liaison Executive, Sam Lowther: “People often complain, including myself, but very seldom do they give praise when it is rightfully due. Having received your customer support letter this morning regarding a recently broken down truck, all I can say is ‘Wow!’.

“We experienced great customer support as always from Ian Flay at Ferndown Commercials, who personally attended the vehicle breakdown; the next day we received your beautifully crafted ‘apology’ letter!

“My only small criticism is that you don’t need to apologise for the breakdown – life unfortunately is like that! Please keep up the good work, just as much as Ian and his loyal staff always have over the years! We have another two Isuzus coming at the end of the year, and feel more assured than ever that we have chosen wisely.

Nikki King OBE, the CEO of Isuzu Truck Ltd

“I know she is always busy but if you think fit please pass on my email to Nikki King. I’ll then feel less guilty if we pinch part of the letter for our own customer satisfaction procedures.”

Not only was Nikki King delighted by David’s comments and far from being too busy to respond to a customer, she immediately contacted him and said:

“As you so rightly acknowledge, people rarely take the time to say well done, so I am really blown away by your e-mail to Sam and Leslie.

“At Isuzu Truck UK, from the very first day we started the business in 1996, our aim was to develop a culture that was totally geared around excellent customer service. Even throughout these tough economic times we have never wavered from that and CARE has become a real obsession for us all.

Nikki King MD Isuzu

“It is therefore really heartening to receive feedback like your kind message and we are all really ‘made up’ to hear from you. You can copy us as much as you like and, if you’re interested in seeing exactly what we do on our CARE programme, please let me know. I’d be delighted for you to come and see me so I can show you the detail – that might give you more to copy!!!!!”