The Archbishop, a calabash and the Greybeard of African Adventure


The start of another great African Adventure as Nobel laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu endorses the Kingsley Holgate Scroll of Peace and Goodwill with these words:

“Ndlela ntle, Bon Voyage, Tsela tsweru, Safari Njema. Mag God u almal seen. What a fantastic project – thank you so very much for your commitment to fight the scourge of malaria. We can defeat malaria – One Net One Life. God bless you.”

This scroll, together with the Zulu calabash of Cape of Good Hope seawater, is the one that Kingsley Holgate and his family team will carry with them as they set off to circumnavigate the continent in a world first Land Rover and inflatable boat journey, clockwise through 33 countries around the outside edge of Africa.

Not only will the Kingsley Holgate team continue with their One Net One Life campaign to distribute tens of thousands of mosquito nets to pregnant mothers and to children under the age of five. They will also assist the poor sighted with spectacles and deliver educational aids to remote schools  – so saving and improving lives.

The AFRICA Outside Edge Expedition is in keeping with NEPAD and the new African Renaissance. This adventurous odyssey has the full blessing of the South African Department of Foreign Affairs and is supported by a number of high profile sponsor partners who care for Africa.

If you have a Land Rover and would, in an act of solidarity, wish to join the longest Land Rover humanitarian convoy ever to escort an expedition from the Cape of Good Hope, then please contact Sharon, email to register. The convoy leaves from the Cape of Good Hope at 09h00 on Friday, 27th April and ends with a jamboree at De Grendel Wine Estate in Milnerton where you will have the opportunity to meet with the Holgate family and wish them Bon Voyage. It is for a good cause.