The all-new Volvo S60 – sculpted to move you


The all-new Volvo S60 makes its entry into one of the automotive world’s toughest segments, backed by an extrovert attitude never before seen in Volvo showrooms.

The all-new Volvo S60 has been sculpted to move you – both physically and emotionally.

It is also without a doubt the most dynamic car model Volvo has ever presented – and its Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake is a groundbreaking safety feature.

“The sporty design delivers a visual promise of enthusiastic driving characteristics and I can assure you that the all-new S60 truly lives up to that promise. Its driving properties are better than those of any previous Volvo. Furthermore, the car’s innovative new technologies help you become both a better and a safer driver,” says Gerry Keaney Senior Vice President, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service at Volvo Cars.

With the all-new Volvo S60, Volvo Cars is advancing its position in one of the car world’s most competitive segments: CD Premium.

“The competition is razor-sharp and the customers know exactly what they want. The emphasis is on emotional stance, sporty design and dynamic driving properties. Success in this segment means a lot for the brand’s image and we are convinced that the all-new S60 will be one of the strongest contenders,” says Gerry Keaney.

The most dynamic Volvo ever
The all-new S60 is exceptional also from the keen driver’s perspective. It is without a doubt the most dynamic car model Volvo has ever presented.

“This project has been about pure passion for the task of driving Volvo’s chassis development expertise to its very pinnacle. We’ve crossed into territory where we’ve never been before,” says Stefan Sällqvist, who is in charge of developing the chassis of the all-new S60.

The sedan can be specified with a choice of two chassis. On the European market the newly developed dynamic chassis is standard, while most markets in North America and Asia will have the comfort chassis as standard with the sport variant available as an option. In South Africa, the S60 has the dynamic chassis as standard.

The difference between the two chassis alternatives is to be found in the dampers and the front and rear subframes. Here the comfort variant has a somewhat softer setting to give a smoother ride on poorer road surfaces.

Most high-tech Volvo ever – with Pedestrian Detection
The sporty interior of the all-new S60 is also the most advanced high-tech environment ever offered to a Volvo driver.

“The interior of the all-new S60 is all about innovative design in two areas: form and technology. The design is characterised by sporty freshness down to the smallest detail. The technological aspect includes all those smart solutions that contribute to a driving experience unlike that of any other Volvo – from collision avoidance safety and comfort systems to infotainment and audio excellence of absolute world class,” says Tomas Ahlborg, Project Director for the all-new S60.

Pedestrian Detection with full auto brake is a groundbreaking technological solution. It can detect pedestrians who walk into the road in front of the car, warn the driver – and automatically apply full braking power if the driver does not respond in time.

“We are truly proud of our success in making our technology so reliable that we can offer a complete system that can avoid a collision with a pedestrian by detecting, alerting and applying full braking. It’s a world first, to the best of our knowledge. With this technology we have increased the braking force in our automatic braking system from fifty percent to full stopping power,” says Thomas Broberg, Senior Safety Advisor at Volvo Cars.

Can avoid collision with a pedestrian at up to 35 km/h
In an emergency situation the driver first receives an audible warning combined with a flashing light in the windscreen’s head-up display. At the same time, the car’s brakes are pre-charged. If the driver does not react to the warning and an accident is imminent, full braking power is automatically applied.

Pedestrian Detection with Full Auto Brake can avoid a collision with a pedestrian at speeds of up to 35 km/h if the driver does not react in time. At higher speeds, the focus is on slowing down the car as much as possible prior to the impact.

City Safety standard
The all-new Volvo S60 also features City Safety as standard.

With City Safety, the car automatically brakes if the driver fails to react in time when the vehicle in front slows down or stops – or if he or she is driving too fast towards a stationary object. The system can lessen or even entirely avoid low-speed rear-end impacts at speeds up to 30 kilometres an hour.

Volvo Car South Africa is launching the S60 with three derivatives: the T6, 2.0T and D5. Additional engine derivatives to follow at a later date are the T5 variant producing 176kW and torque of 320 Nm, followed by a 1.6-litre turbocharged petrol engine available in two versions: a 132kW (T4) and a 110kW (T3) both with torque of 240 Nm. Two further diesel models, the 118kW D3 and a 1.6D DRIVe will also become available at a later stage.

Engine range at launch
Petrol engines Displacement Configuration Output Torque

  • T6 3.0  6-cyl in-line 224kW 440 Nm
  • 2.0T 2.0  4-cyl in-line 149kW 300 Nm
  • Diesel engines Displacement Configuration Output Torque
  • D5 2.4 5-cyl in-line 151kW 420 Nm

Engines to follow:
Petrol engines Displacement Configuration Output Torque

  • T5 2.0  4-cyl in-line 176kW 320 Nm
  • T4 1.6  4 cyl in-line 132kW 240 Nm
  • T3 1.6  4-cyl in-line 110kW 240 Nm
  • Diesel engines Displacement Configuration Output Torque
  • D3 2.0 5-cyl in-line 118kW 400 Nm
  • 1.6 D DRIVe 1.6 4-cyl in-line 85kW 270 Nm

Annual target 90,000 cars
The initial annual target for the all-new Volvo S60 is 90,000 cars. The customer base is spread unusually uniformly throughout the world. Europe (including Russia), North America and the rest of the world will each account for about one-third of total sales.

Volvo Car South Africa expects local sales of the new S60 to reach around 1 250 units during the first year.

The all-new S60 is built at the Volvo Cars factory in Ghent, Belgium. The first cars were delivered to European customers around July this year and in South Africa our dealership “open doors” is scheduled for 4 November.

“Irrespective of whether the customers are in the USA, Europe or elsewhere in the world, they all prioritise the same characteristics. Now we are giving them an entirely new S60 that has a unique appeal to even the most discerning of buyers,” says Gerry Keaney.

Pricing for launch derivatives. Including CO2 emissions tax and 14% VAT

  • Volvo S60 2.0T Manual  R355, 500
  • Volvo S60 2.0T Powershift R371, 900
  • Volvo S60 D5 Geartronic R408, 000
  • Volvo S60 T6 Geartronic R464, 000