FTA has announced the launch of its new Tachofta product – designed to meet the business needs of its members.

Advances in technology have created the demand for enhanced analysis systems which require less effort but provide greater output. Freight operators need their everyday tasks to be straightforward, quick and efficient.  Tachofta has been developed with all this in mind and demonstrates the ever-growing importance of efficiency, and with its potential cost savings the service it offers to its customers singles it out from any other offering in the marketplace.

After talking with, and listening to its members FTA recognised the need for a new system which meets the needs of all, and has introduced a host of new features which help ensure Tachofta to be faster, easier and more intuitive than ever before to manage, control and analyse data immediately, and thanks to the in-depth thinking behind the product – claims to be the best software in the market.

David Wells, FTA Managing Director Financial Operations said:

“It’s clear that the need for fast, efficient and intuitive technology is expected in all that we do on a day-to-day basis.  The methods in which the freight and logistics industry captures driver detail and compliance information has changed enormously in the past few years, and after talking and listening to our members, FTA has redesigned and updated its tachograph analysis software and recently launched our new Tachofta.”

The all new FTA tacho analysis software has been engineered in house and is powered by Visionfta – the all new cloud platform that is set to become home to all of FTA’s software solutions throughout 2015. Visionfta provides the perfect platform for cutting-edge software solutions which will, in time, support not only the Tachofta service but all of FTA services.

Whilst retaining many features from the past, Visionfta also includes the ability to improve and manage drivers and vehicle information with faster, simpler manual entry input; improved monitoring of card upload and driver compliance; enhanced driver and vehicle day detail view, making driver debriefs easier; and a search facility to pinpoint drivers not just by name and location but also by infringements incurred.

Visionfta has been trialled by several FTA members including food and drink logistics specialist Culina.  Anna Griffin is the Fleet Amin Manager:

The biggest thing for me regarding Visionftais the whole look of the website, it shows how FTA is evolving with technology to supply their customers with a modern system to manage drivers’ hours and monitor vehicle activity bringing the software up-to-date with competitors and opening up the possibilities for additional features in the future.”