The all-new Lexus IS 350


Newly Adopted Drive Mode Select

A new Drive Mode Select system features up to five switchable driving modes – ECO, SNOW, NORMAL, SPORT/SPORT S and SPORT S+ (the latter two available on F SPORT models), to optimise the driver’s preferred combination of economy, comfort, performance and handling characteristics.

In ECO mode, engine output, throttle opening and gear selection are automatically modulated to favour fuel efficiency under all driving conditions. The air conditioning system temperature and airflow volume are also cooperatively controlled, further reducing fuel consumption.

SNOW mode modulates throttle response to optimise vehicle traction and stability when starting on slippery surfaces.

In SPORT/SPORT S mode, engine speed and throttle responses are optimised to allow customers to enjoy a more engaging driving experience which exploits the full capabilities of both petrol and full hybrid powertrains.

Available on the F SPORT model which comes standard with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS), SPORT S+ mode combines the SPORT/SPORT S mode’s enhanced powertrain output with coordinated control of the AVS and EPS or Variable Gear Ratio Steering to minimise body roll, sharpen vehicle handling and optimise steering feel, rewarding drivers with the ultimate in sporting driving dynamics.

Enhancing the enjoyment of the new IS’s expanded breadth of driving style preferences, the ambient illumination of the driver’s instruments changes to a tranquil blue in ECO mode, whilst switching to red in both SPORT/SPORT S and SPORT S+ modes.


Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) System (F SPORT)

The Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system allows the driver to fine tune the IS F SPORT’s ride characteristics with a choice of two damper settings; NORMAL mode, for everyday driving comfort, and SPORT S+ mode, for improved body control and precise responses to steering input while cornering.

In response to driving operation, vehicle body motion and road surface conditions, AVS automatically adjusts the performance of the suspension at all four wheels, independently activating the adjustable damping force shock absorbers to fulfill a wide range of specific control functions.

When SPORT S+ mode is selected, the AVS system automatically increases the difference between inner and outer shock absorber damping through corners to further reduce vehicle roll.

Intake Sound Creator

All models have an intake sound generator which creates a more sporting engine note. The sound creator uses a damper that amplifies the vibration of the intake pulse and introduces it as an enhanced mechanical note into the cabin to heighten the sporting driving experience.

Variable Gear Ratio Steering / VGRS (F SPORT)

Variable Gear Ratio Steering (VGRS) is available for the first time on the IS model range with the F SPORT package.

At low and medium speeds, VGRS automatically decreases the steering gear ratio for fast, accurate vehicle response during tight cornering and parking manoeuvres. At high speed, the gear ratio is increased to provide a more gentle response to steering inputs and maximum vehicle stability.

The VGRS system promotes excellent driver feedback, with refined steering wheel operation at very low speeds, reduced understeer feel and enhanced steering adjustment response when cornering, and minimal steering angle adjustment required when changing lanes.

The VGRS system actuator is also linked to the Lexus sedan’s sophisticated Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management control system (VDIM) which, as the IS approaches the limit of its performance envelope, constantly re-evaluates the steering gear ratio to optimise the front wheel steering angle and, hence, maintain vehicle stability with minimum driver input.