The Alfa Brera is elected European Car of the Year 2007 in Japan


Despite being up against some stiff competition, the Alfa Brera has been awarded first prize as “European Car of the Year 2007” in Japan, for its styling, performance/cost ratio and the design of its interior. This is certainly an achievement given the Japanese fixation with quality and design status.

Alfa Romeo Brera

The prestigious prize was awarded by the 21 members of the jury of the JAHFA (Japan Automotive Hall of Fame), who represent the academic, industrial, cultural, political and media worlds of Japan. Founded in 2000, JAHFA is a non-profit organisation that encourages and supports the development of the automotive industry in Japan.

The prize underlines in particular that the Alfa Brera sums up the concepts of Italian sportiness and elegance in unique, exclusive styling. Harmonious forms and volumes which combine with Alfa Romeo’s mechanical and engineering excellence to produce a car that is beautiful, powerful and well-built. This is very basically the spirit of the luxurious new coupé, which arouses strong emotions and guarantees extremely enjoyable driving.

Alfa Romeo Brera New

The interior of the Alfa Brera is friendly, light-filled and highly sophisticated, thanks to the outstanding materials used and to innovative features such as the vast fixed glass roof which enhances the luminosity inside and the sense of space for the passengers, as well as highlighting the car’s sleek styling.

Alfa Romeo Brera 2007