The agricultural Unimog: Specialist in special edition

  • The agricultural Unimog: Specialist in special edition
  • Unimog equipment carrier in agricultural edition
  • Strict emission standard for lorries Euro VI in agriculture
  • Two power take-offs and new Load-Sensing hydraulic system for the use of equipment
  • Arocs tractor-trailer for agricultural logistics

At the leading fair Agritechnica 2015 (November 10 – November 14, stand C 19, hall 13) Mercedes-Benz is presenting a convincing trio to be used in agriculture. While the Mercedes-Benz Arocs is designed as a tractor-trailer for transporting agricultural goods, the two Unimogs are tailored for two entirely different work fields. All three of them especially comply with the demands of contractors who fill orders for the typical farmer. Many of these companies are furthermore working in the municipal sector where they take on mowing work and winter road maintenance.

Agricultural Unimog with rear linkage and rear power take-off

In agriculture, working in the fields has to be tackled as well as managing a continuously growing transport volume on continuously growing distances. With the tractors Arocs, as well as the Unimogs, Mercedes-Benz is doing such tasks of transportation justice. Yet the professional carrier Unimog is also available with special agricultural equipment. It consists of a front power take-off and a front linkage as well as rear power take-off and rear linkage for use of equipment. A special tyre size for soil – conserving driving in fields and the automatic tyre pressure control system Tirecontrol Plus that can easily be used from the driver’s seat is part of it.

The other Unimog presented in Hannover features municipal equipment consisting of a mowing device attached at the front and a spreading machine for de-icing.

Strict emission standard Euro VI for trucks in agriculture

The Unimog holds a special position in the agricultural sector because it complies with the strict rules of the emission standard Euro VI. Furthermore, the engines having been introduced two years ago, work more efficiently and economically. Just like the engines the hydraulic system has been optimized as well. The synenergetic drive EasyDrive allows a flying changeover from the continuous hydrostatic transmission to the manual transmission.

The exhibits

At the fair Mercedes-Benz is exhibiting a Unimog U 430 in agricultural design and a Unimog U 530 for public service applications. The butterfly mower installed at the U 430 with a mower unit at the front power take-off and a mower unit at the rear power take-off proves the Unimog’s ability, apart from the advantages in transport work, to apply high performance attachments efficiently to agricultural work. With the U 530 the set of tires 495/70/R24 – the biggest high speed traction tires with an AS profile are from now on available ex factory.

The Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2051, exhibited in Hannover, has its field of application predominantly on longer distances of transport in shuttle operations between field and silo, e.g. in bio logistics. 375 kW (150 PS) are ready for that purpose. The tractor-trailer has been fitted with an agricultural set of tires as well as an efficient hydraulic system by the company Bruhns. They also added an agricultural semi-trailer that enables a fast unloading.