Thanksgiving Day Google Doodle


    Today November 2012 if you visit the Google Search engine homepage you will see the Thanksgiving Day Google Doodle. If you however browse to the homepage from outside the USA you will not be able to see the “Thanksgiving Day” Google Doodle.

    Thanksgiving Day

    “Thanksgiving Day Google Doodle – November 22, 2012”

    To me this is sometimes frustrating having lived in the USA and having close ties to the USA it sometimes frustrates me that Google have Google Doodles for the USA only. In my opinion all USA Google Doodles should automatically be international Google Doodles.

    By having Google Doodles visible to people browsing only from within the USA makes it also invisible to USA citizens browsing from other countries who maybe on holiday or working overseas!

    Luckily for me some of my USA friends posted about the Google Doodle and Thanksgiving day letting me know about the Doodle. I then used a proxy server to see the Google and to find out what Google is doing for Thanksgiving day!

    If you also almost missed the Google Thanksgiving Day Doodle you can see it on the 3D Car Shows site, or by visiting one of the many USA Proxy Servers…

    To everyone celebrating “Thanksgiving Day” we here at 3D Car Shows would like to wish you and your family a happy and peaceful thanksgiving!