Tennants UK Ltd Reaps the Benefits of TRACKER’s Expertise

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Tennants UK Ltd recognised a need to improve fleet efficiencies and enhance customer service to maintain a competitive edge in a tough market climate. The solution it invested in was TRACKER’s  telematics offering, which has enabled the company to stay firmly in control of their vehicles, delivering the level of information they needed to run a competent fleet and meet customer satisfaction.

Trading for over 40 years, Nottingham based Tennants UK Ltd supplies number plate systems, traffic management signs and equipment and reflective sheeting.  Since employing TRACKER’s telematics technology it has reduced fleet costs and improved delivery times nationwide.

Tony Beecroft Commercial Director of Tennants UK, says “We supply throughout the UK but the pressure is constantly on to deliver quickly to our customers irrespective of where they may be.  If we weren’t prepared to meet customer expectations, our competitors were.   However, before we partnered with TRACKER we didn’t know where our drivers were at any given point in time and in turn, we were wasting time and money by duplicating their efforts by sending multiple drivers to neighbouring locations to make deliveries.

“Through TRACKER’s technology we can now locate our drivers within minutes, accurately despatching them to the next nearest job. It also allows us to be highly responsive to customers, extracting data as and when we need it, whether they want an up date on a delivery time or querying delivery costs on invoices.  The reporting structure also enables us to monitor driver’s timesheets to make sure we are meeting Duty of Care, as well as obviously better manage staff pay. The investment in telematics certainly has paid off and the support we get from TRACKER ensures we continually get the best out of the system.”

TRACKER’s cutting edge fleet telematics solutions incorporate unique features, such as patented Transient Voltage Detection technology.  This detects electrical noise to more accurately determine when an engine is running and eliminating false ‘idling’ readings, a concern prevalent in many of today’s alternative offerings.  It also examines driver performance, a growing trend in fleet monitoring, and boasts a flexible reporting suite that can be customised to meet the specific needs of each of its customers.  TRACKER even offers battery powered modules to ensure assets which have no built-in power supply, such as mobile units and trailers, can be monitored.

Stephen Doran, Managing Director of TRACKER adds, “Whether you have a large fleet of vehicles or just a few, as in the case of Tennants UK Ltd, TRACKER’s fleet telematics provides a viable cost-efficient solution to help businesses manage their fleet needs. At TRACKER we continue to invest in cutting-edge technology to ensure we are providing our customers with the very best fleet monitoring solutions on the market.”