Cyba-lite is a range of torches from Ring Automotive designed to meet the exacting standards required for outdoor activities.  Ring Automotive has developed four new Lightstar torches to add to the existing Cyba-lite range.

    The Lightstar torches have been designed as a family range of products and provide a clear trade up of technical features.

    Cyba-lite Lightstart torches

    Understanding that light output is of high importance to users, only genuine high quality Nichia and CREE LEDs have been selected, producing a light output of up to 275 lumens.  The Lightstar 120 and Lightstar 275  also feature a revolutionary focus control allowing for both spot and flood beam.   

    All the torches also have DC-2-DC circuitry.  This smart technology helps maintain optimum performance of the light output during the full lifetime of the batteries.  The light of conventional battery driven torches diminishes significantly after activation and only gives peak performance for a short time.  The regulated DC-2-DC circuit in the Lightstar torches maintains a more meaningful light output for much longer.

    The Lightstar 15, LED Aluminium Keyring Torch has a 15 lumen output and battery life of up to 16 hours. SRP £9.99.

    The Lightstar 45, Aluminium Hand Torch has a 45 lumen output and battery life of up to 3.5 hours.  SRP £16.99.

    The Lightstar 120, Aluminium Torch with SOS signalling, has a 120 lumen output, a revolutionary focus control and a dimming control switch.  It has a battery life of up to 5 hours on 100% brightness, 10 hours on 50% brightness, 18 hours on SOS flashing mode.  SRP £29.99.

    The Lightstar 275, Long Life Aluminium Torch with flashing beam, has a 275 lumen output and a revolutionary focus control.  It has a battery life of up to 68 hours on 100% brightness, 200 hours on 25% brightness, 180 hours on SOS flashing mode.  SRP £39.99 

    All of the torches are manufactured from high strength machine crafted aluminium.