Tata – Telcoline – The new century “Workhorse”


The Telcoline range of bakkies has entrenched itself as the workhorse of the TATA stable. Competitively priced and exceptional value for money, the Telcoline is available in four derivatives, namely the 4×2 and 4×4 single and double cabins.

“Life-style” vehicles have recently made their mark on the light commercial market. However, TATA’s approach has been to gain market share not by undercutting its competitors, but by instead offering a reliable, practical and durable workhorse that is a proven asset to any company.

Tata Telcoline DC South Africa Car Show

The Telcoline is therefore not marketed as a life-style vehicle, but rather as a workhorse that is guaranteed to carry the load and deliver the results and all this at an affordable price with a service plan that suits any budget. Its fuel consumption is an impressive average of 8.5 – 9.5 litres p/100km – making it one of the most affordable bakkies to own overall.

To meet the stringent demands of a workhorse, standard on all Telcoline models is power steering, a raised ground clearance, a 2 litre intercooler turbo diesel engine, a double re-enforced load body that can hold 1,3 tons, a re-enforced under carriage as well as a suspension and an underbody steel protection skid plate.

The strongest selling point of the Telcoline isn’t its value package but rather its price, without compromising on its performance, design or safety features.

The 4×2 single cab begins retailing at R99 900 and comes standard with a 1-year / 100 000km warranty (with the option of extending the warranty) and 3 years roadside assistance.

The second vehicle in the range is the 4×2 double cab that retails for R123 995. The standard warranty for this derivative is a full 3 year or 100 000km’s. Service plans are available as an option with an individual costing respective to each derivative. The 4×4 single cab retails at R149 995 while the double-cab includes the 3 year / 60 000 service plan and retails at R179 995.

To support these maintenance plans, TATA now has 60 services centres available countrywide.

The comfort features on both the double-cab and single-cab 4×4’s are standard air-conditioning, CD front loading audio systems, central locking and alarm system with immobilizer. The 4-wheel drive derivatives boast an additional feature called “Shift on the Fly”. This allows the driver to change into either a 4×2 or a four wheel drive High Range without having to come to a complete stop.  Low Range is also standard, offering a grow ratio of 48:1.

Optional accessories that can be fitted at the customers request include a nudge bar with provision for spot lights, side steps, roll bar, rear step with tow bar, tarp covers and a fibreglass canopy.

The defining features that position the Telcoline as a workhorse is the gear ratio that is specifically designed for hauling heavy goods. You will be pleasantly surprised at this bakkies top end performance with a load thanks to these gear ratios.

Ongoing advancements and modifications on the original design have resulted in its improved overall strength, durability and longevity. So when driving through rough conditions, the Telcoline’s 16 inch wheel, underbody and skid plate that extends the full distance of the gearbox enable this workhorse to handle the drive with ease.

The rear differential incorporates a limited slip-diff which facilitates ease of road driving, especially during wet conditions, as well as assisting in sandy and muddy conditions found on building sites.

However, whilst off-roading, this LSD can still provide substantial assistance through obstacles. And for those difficult challenges, the re-enforced suspension gives you the opportunity to take on difficult obstacles with little momentum.

The payloads are 1,3 tons for the 4×2 single-cab, 1,2 tons for the 4×2 double-cab and 4×4 single cab, and 1,1 ton for the 4×4 double-cab.

At TATA we believe it is hard to beat the Telcoline’s affordable, reliable and practical package and that is quite simply why it has earned the reputation of “Everything a bakkie should be”.