Tata Motors launches the Tata Manza and the Tata Prima in South Africa


Also displays at the Johannesburg International Motor Show:

  • Tata Vista
  • Tata Venture, a Multi Purpose Van
  • Tata Super ACE, the latest 1 tonne mini-truck
  • Tata Xenon CNG
  • Tata Xenon 2.2 L Cargo Box
  • Tata Xenon 2.2 L Double Cab 4×4
  • Tata LPO 1823, 65 seater commuter bus
  • Tata LPO 1623 CNG bus
  • Tata Starbus 34 Ultra
  • Tata LPTA 1623, a special application 4X4 truck
  • V3TXF, 480 hp 6X4 tractor from the Tata Novus range

Johannesburg, October 7, 2011: Tata Motors, India’s largest automobile company, today launched the luxurious Tata Manza sedan and the international Tata Prima range of premium commercial vehicles at the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011.

Tata Johannesburg International 2011 Car Show

It has also displayed, for the first time, a wide range of other vehicles, laden with latest technologies delivering better comfort, convenience, performance and environment protection. In passenger vehicles, on display is the Tata Vista. Among commercial vehicles, the debutants include the Tata Venture, a multi-purpose vehicle, Tata Super ACE, the latest 1 tonne mini-truck, the Tata Xenon CNG, Tata Xenon 2.2 L Cargo Box, Tata Xenon 2.2 L Double Cab 4×4,  Tata LPO 1623 CNG bus, the 65-seater, Tata LPO 1823 commuter bus,  Tata Starbus Ultra range (also known as the Y1 Bus), V3TXF, 6X4 tractor from the Tata Novus range and the Tata LPTA 1623 4×4 truck.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. P.M. Telang, Tata Motors’ Managing Director – India Operations, said, “The new Tata vehicles being introduced in South Africa will bolster our already significant portfolio in the country. These introductions benefit from our innovations and learnings from South Africa’s customers. We look forward to a deeper presence in South Africa, which is already a focus market for us.”

Tata Johannesburg International Car Show

According to Mr. Noel Tata, Managing Director, Tata International Limited, “We see Africa as a region of tremendous potential for the group and our participation in the Motor Show with the introduction of the latest products will serve to further strengthen the Tata brand in these markets. In South Africa, the auto industry is making giant strides and we are happy to contribute to this growth.”

Mr. Raman Dhawan, Managing Director, Tata Africa Holdings, said, “Tata Africa has for over more than two decades, increased its footprint throughout Africa to be present in 11 countries. Our various Tata vehicles on the roads throughout this continent bear witness to the enthusiastic uptake and relevance of the product and the brand. We are fully committed to the long term growth and improvement of our reach in this sector throughout Africa.”

Tata Johannesburg International Car Show 2011

Mr. Manny De Canha, CEO, Associated Motor Holdings, said, “Tata Motors has established a strong footprint in the South African market. We aim to continuously scale up on this foundation. Tata Motors has developed a new and impressive portfolio of vehicles. Accordian Investments is proud to be associated with a brand that is gaining international recognition. Tata vehicles are known to offer high value propositions to the South African customer. We will continue to support these products by offering high quality after sales service. “

The Tata Manza, with a feline aggressive appearance, is a new car sporting a new body on a new platform and new interiors. The spacious right inclination rear seats with a centre armrest allow one to sit back and relax, in a living room like comfort and ambience. The tilt adjustable power steering with a height adjustable driver seat allows comfortable driving posture. The driver information system on top of the central console provides information on fuel consumption and ambient temperature, while the sporty instrument cluster shrouded in the swoop of the soft-feel dashboard completes the styling statement. A 2 DIN Music System offers connectivity with a USB port and Bluetooth connectivity through the Blue5. The safety features include a collapsible steering column, ABS and Dual Frontal Airbags amongst others. The drive refinement of the Tata Manza stems from the internationally-acclaimed Fiat 66 kw Quadrajet Diesel and Safire Petrol engines. Tata Manza has one of the most voluminous boot space in its class with a capacity of 460 litres.

Tata Johannesburg International 2011 Motor Show
The Tata Manza will be available across dealerships in South Africa next year.
The international Tata Prima range of premium trucks has been designed to offer several applications to meet varied end-user requirements in South Africa. The introductions benefit from multiple customer engagements and testing cycles in the country.

The Tata Prima’s increased power as compared to the existing range ensures faster trips and higher profitability. Equipped with strong aggregates, such as a robust chassis frame and suspension, it can overcome any terrain. A data logger helps measure vehicle performance and driving practices along several parameters on a daily basis. The air-conditioned cabin, suspended driver seat and an ergonomically designed instrument cluster improve driver efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and faster returns on investment. The new range is Euro III, Euro IV compliant, and Euro V ready. Tata Motors will begin distribution of the Prima 4938S 6X4 tractor, Prima 4038S 4X2 tractor, Prima 4028S 4X2 tractor, Prima 2528K 6X4 10cum box-tipper, Prima 2538K 6X4 14cum box-tipper, Prima 3138K 8X4 19cum scoop-tipper, in South Africa by early 2012.

Tata Johannesburg International Motor Show 2011

With the large segment of 6×4 tractors poised to grow further in South Africa, the Tata Novus V3TXF, a 480 hp 6×4 tractor, is the latest addition to the Tata stable from Tata Daewoo in Korea. Equipped with the immensely popular IsX 15 480 hp Cummins engine which commands over 20% of the South African market  and an Eaton AMT gearbox, this vehicle is tailor-made for the South African market.

In South Africa, Tata Motors passenger vehicles & Light Commercial Vehicles distributor is Accordian Investments (Pty) Ltd. (www.tatasa.co.za), a joint venture company between Tata Africa and Associated Motor Holdings. The commercial vehicles distributor is Tata Automobile Corporation South Africa (Pty) Ltd. (www.tata.co.za), a subsidiary of the holding company, Tata Africa.

Tata 2011 Johannesburg International Motor Show

Tata Motors started exports to South Africa in 1998, with commercial vehicles. Exports of passenger vehicles began in 2004. The models currently being sold in South Africa are the Tata Indica and Tata Indica Vista Hatch Back, Tata Indigo Sedan, Tata Indigo Station Wagon and Tata Safari in the passenger vehicles segment, the Tata Xenon range of 2.2L and 3L pick ups, more than 20 truck & bus models ranging from 2T to 56T Gross Combination Mass prime mover trucks and 28-38 seater buses. So far, Tata Motors has sold over 32,000 passenger vehicles and over 35,000 commercial vehicles in South Africa.

Tata Johannesburg 2011 International Motor Show