Tata Motors July 2012 sales at 74,159 nos.


TATATata Motors’ total sales (including  exports) of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles in July 2012 were 74,159  vehicles, higher by 15%, over July 2011. The company’s domestic sales of Tata commercial and passenger vehicles for July  2012 were 68,627 nos., higher by 18%, over 57,990 nos., sold in July last  year.

Cumulative  sales (including  exports) for the company for the fiscal  are 264,702 nos., higher by 2%, over 259,649 nos., sold last year.

Commercial Vehicles   The company’s sales of commercial vehicles in July 2012 in  the domestic market were 42,387 nos., a 4% growth, compared to 40,798 vehicles,  sold in July last year. LCV sales were 29,601 nos., a growth of 19%, compared  to 24,962 vehicles sold in July, last year. M&HCV sales stood at 12,786  nos., lower by 19%, compared to 15,836 vehicles sold in July, last year.

Cumulative sales of commercial vehicles in the domestic  market for the fiscal are 157,685 nos., a growth of 2% over last year.  Cumulative LCV sales are 109,956 nos., a growth of 19% over last year, while  M&HCV sales stood at 47,729 nos., lower by 22%, over last year.

Passenger Vehicles   Sales of passenger  vehicles for July 2012 are at 26,240 nos., higher by 53%, over 17,192 nos., sold  in July last year. Sales of the Tata Nano were 5,485 nos., higher by 68%,  compared to 3,260 nos., sold in July, last year. The Indica range sales were 8,852  nos., higher by 51%, over 5,860 nos., sold in July, last year. The Indigo range  recorded sales of 6,816 nos., higher by 40%, over 4,877 nos., sold in July,  last year. The Sumo/ Safari/ Aria/ Venture range sales were 5,087 nos., higher  by 59%, over 3,195 nos., sold in July 2011.

Cumulative sales of passenger vehicles were 86,679 nos., higher  by 5%, compared to 82,300 nos., sold till July last year. Cumulative sales of  the Nano is 27,625 nos., higher by 9%, over 25,239 nos., sold till July last  year. Cumulative sales of the Indica range is 26,564 nos., higher by 12%, over  last year. Cumulative sales of the  Indigo family are 16,540 nos., lower by 14%. Cumulative sales of the  Sumo/Safari/ Aria/ Venture range are 15,950 nos., higher by 14%, over last  year.

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The  company’s sales from exports at 5,532 vehicles in July 2012 are lower by 15%  compared to 6,512 vehicles in July last year. The cumulative sales from exports  for the fiscal are 20,338 nos., lower by 13%, over 23,506 nos., sold in the  same period last year.