Tata Crossover Concept


The new Tata Crossover Concept marks Tata Motors’ first entry into the crossover vehicle segment. It is proposed to be made available with different engine options, both in diesel and petrol. It is configured to be fitted with a range of Euro IV engines including Tata Motors’ own next generation power-trains.

The power-train for this new offering would range from 110 kW to 180 kW with both a 4/5 speed automatic as well as a 5/6 speed manual transmission. Developed, designed and engineered specifically for the European market, the new crossover combines the attractive styling and all weather performance of an SUV, refinement of a car and the versatility of an MPV. Well-suited for both highways and city streets, the product offers comfortable long and near distance travel, making it ideal for the European markets.

Tata Crossover South Africa Car Show

Tata Crossover South Africa Car Shows

The distinctive exterior styling has been arrived at with inputs from the IDEA Institute, Italy. It combines a frame-based design and a rugged underbody, making it resistant to damage and thereby imparting the resilience of a tough off-roader. The styling arrived at for this vehicle is the logical evolution of TATA’s design philosophy of simplicity and harmony, combined with practical use and efficient space management, and equipped with the latest technologies. This gives the vehicle a contemporary, aggressive and yet a sporty image. Spacious interiors provide for flexible seating and ample cargo storage space. The seats are provided with multi-control adjustments with the rear part of the front seats hiding a PC screen & keyboard for work and entertainment.

This creates work office and leisure entertainment avenues in the rear seating space. Door panels incorporate air conditioning controls for “personal climate zones” thereby providing an innovative and efficient air management system with four separate climate zones.  The rear trunk compartment also has several new features – most important of which is the load platform that slides backwards and tilts down allowing easy loading of even cumbersome objects like mountain bikes.

Tata Crossover South Africa Car Show

The TATA Crossover Concept represents an important milestone in the history of TATA MOTORS as it will introduce a sophisticated product offering in the entirely new crossover category – thus showing TATA’s technical, technological and styling capacities as well as the determination to be amongst the best vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Tata Crossover South Africa Car Show