Reinventing the Steering Wheel

With the addition of many tech and convenience features, the all-new Ford Mustang steering wheel is now the most advanced in pony car history The all-new Mustang steering wheel is the most advanced ever – the addition of new technical features follow a long line of innovations Mustang steering wheel has undergone many styling changes […]

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Land Rover See Through Camera System


Land Rover researchers develop an innovative camera system that makes a trailer or caravan appear see-through when being towed The Transparent Trailer removes the blind spot created when towing. It will make overtaking safer and help trailer manoeuvring by improving visibility Cargo Sense App allows drivers to monitor the status of the trailer and cargo […]

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Lexus Hoverboard Elevated to New Heights

Lexus has completed a full and final reveal of its innovative hoverboard following a successful testing phase in Cubelles, Barcelona, Spain. The hoverboard, which was first unveiled in June via a teaser film, has been 18 months in development through a collaboration between scientists from IFW Dresden and evico GmbH, which specialise in magnetic levitation […]

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