Pavilion open to visitors again since July 17

The Volkswagen brand pavilion has now been officially handed over by Christian Klingler, Management Board Member of the Volkswagen Passenger Car Brand Responsible for Sales and Marketing, to Otto Ferdinand Wachs, Managing Director of Autostadt. The brand pavilion reopened to visitors in mid-July following six months of alteration work at Autostadt in Wolfsburg.

The centrepiece of the pavilion is a spectacular media sculpture highlighting the core values of the brand and featuring some 700,000 LEDs. “We want to take visitors on a journey through the multi-faceted world of Volkswagen in an innovative, open and agreeable way,” explains Christian Klingler.

Christian Klingler and Otto Ferdinand Wachs

The modern glass cube is located in the North of the Autostadt park landscape in Wolfsburg. The interior of the building, which is 25 metres long, 25 metres wide and 21 meters high, has been entirely redesigned. The media sculpture “Markenkern” (core of the brand) is the centrepiece of the pavilion.

The free-standing sculpture in the main room is 15.5 meters high, has a length of 35 meters and weighs 27 metric tons. The 700,000 or so LEDs on the outer skin of the sculpture form the “brandstream”, which is wound around the sculpture over a total area of more than 155 square meters and brings the exhibit to life. For example, the “brand core” can shine in any conceivable colour.

The LED surface, which includes high-resolution sections, can also present Volkswagen films focusing on driving, design, technology and other topics.

“The new presentation of the Volkswagen brand pavilion is an impressive indication of the technical competence and emotional content of the Volkswagen brand. For our guests, the redesigned interior of the pavilion will be another highlight of their visit to Autostadt,” says Otto Ferdinand Wachs, Managing Director of Autostadt.

The lower part of the sculpture incorporates four interactive monitors that automatically adjust to viewers’ eye-levels. Apart from current Volkswagen models, visitors can use these monitors to obtain information on the Think Blue sustainability initiative, the history of the brand as well as cultural and social media activities.

Guests reach the lounge on the upper level of the pavilion, a lounge equipped with iPads, via seating steps. Here, they can become immersed in the digital world of Volkswagen and try out a wide range of Volkswagen apps.

The main exhibition area of the pavilion, with floor space of almost 440 square meters is used for temporary exhibitions. In connection with the launch of new Volkswagen models, the exhibits now on show include the new up!

Temporary exhibitions are also held in a separate room with an exhibition area of almost 260 square meters. Currently, visitors can enjoy an interactive exhibition on “Think Blue“. The exhibits inform visitors about Volkswagen’s engaged approach to sustainability in an entertaining way. In addition to a number of different projects, alternative mobility concepts such as “Quicar – Share a Volkswagen“ are presented on a multi-sensor LED wall.