Swedish Mail continues to travel on board the Fiat Fiorino

  • The supply contract signed in 2009 has been renewed until 2015, thus reaching a total of 5,000 units identified by yellow livery.
  • The vehicles are equipped with the 75 HP 1.3 MultiJet engine combined with the Comfort-Matic robotised gearbox, which ensures low CO2 emissions (112 g/km) and reduced fuel consumption (4.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle).

Fiat Swedish

Fiat Group Automobiles and Svenska Posten, the Swedish Mail company, have signed an extension of the 2009 contract that envisaged the delivery of 3,000 Fiat Fiorino 1.3 MultiJets with the Comfort-Matic robotised gearbox. Within 2015, another 2,000 units will be added, bringing the total supply to 5,000 vehicles allocated in 6 years.

The new agreement confirms the winning characteristics of the model – reduced running costs, high level of ergonomics, low emissions and low fuel consumption – that won over one the largest companies in Sweden, with more 30,000 employees, as well as one of the most famous in the world for the quality of service provided.

Identified by the yellow livery distinctive of the Swedish Mail, the Fiat commercial vehicle has undergone some changes to adapt it for use across the country, such as right-hand drive, which simplifies making deliveries, internal lighting boosted with LEDs, in addition to a kit of “utilities” to improve visibility and functionality in the cab.

The renewal of the contract with the Swedish Mail above all rewards the winning features of this model, recently updated in terms of both looks and engine range, today all Euro 5. These innovations contribute to consolidating the leading role that the Fiat Fiorino plays in its category. In fact, it is a one-off vehicle that was developed to meet the needs of customers seeking a compact van with economical running costs that is nimble in traffic and easy to handle when parking.

More specifically, the Fiat Fiorino is above all distinguished by reduced fuel consumption and emissions. The 75 HP 1.3 MultiJet turbodiesel allows a range of more than 1,000 km on a full tank of diesel (4.2 l/100 km in the combined cycle) and it is marked by only 112 g/km of CO2 emissions, a best in class value in its segment. This latter aspect – particularly important in Sweden where sensitivity to ecological issues is high – confirms that environmental protection is an important guiding principle for Fiat Professional, together with all Fiat Group Automobiles brands, for the development of its models.