SUZUKI SX4 Johannesburg


SUZUKI SX4 Johannesburg

As capable as an SUV – as practical as a hatch The latest SX4 crossover hatchback range, launched in South Africa in 2010, places the emphasis on performance and efficiency, high levels of style and comfort, and overall refinement. But the major drawcard of the range is the presence of an all-wheel drive derivative. Suzuki’s […]

As capable as an SUV – as practical as a hatch

The latest SX4 crossover hatchback range, launched in South Africa in 2010,
places the emphasis on performance and efficiency, high levels of style and comfort, and overall refinement.


But the major drawcard of the range is the presence of an all-wheel drive derivative.

Suzuki’s SX4 is a dynamic urban crossover with striking appearance and a powerful and economical 2,0-litre VVT engine. It attracts active, lifestyle-oriented buyers who appreciate its ideal combination of style, space, raised driving position, hatchback practicality and fuel economy.

Considering the shift away from traditional sports utility vehicles in the wake of environmental and operating cost pressures, the SX4’s unique driving attributes make it a highly attractive and versatile alternative.

SX4 CVT 2011

Its talents include a short turning radius, relatively short gear ratios, a highly rigid body structure, and a suspension optimised for the road. These result in a versatile, compact and appealing all-rounder with an unrivalled sense of fun – a true embodiment of the Suzuki Way of Life!

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

The AWD (All-Wheel Drive) version of Suzuki’s versatile SX4 is able to exploit its full potential by linking much of the capability of a sports utility vehicle (SUV) with the practicality and ease-of-use of a family hatchback.

Suzuki’s competitiveness in terms of value and affordability adds a further, vital string to the SX4’s bow.

The range-topping SX4 features an intelligent All Wheel Drive (i-AWD) system that allows the driver to switch from 2WD mode to 4WD Auto or 4WD Lock at the press of a button.

This enhances traction on rough or unpredictable terrain without sacrificing fuel consumption in the urban environment or on the open road. The front-wheel drive models remain an important part of the line-up.

Ample power, low fuel and emissions

Both the front-wheel drive and AWD models are powered by a latest-generation 2,0-litre engine. The four-cylinder unit links ample power and torque to efficiency for low fuel consumption and emissions levels.

Part of the reason is the VVT variable valve timing system, which optimises valve train operation for optimum torque and response at low engine speeds, without compromising power output at high revs.

Maximum power output is 112 kW, while  the torque peak comes to 190 Nm. Both performance and efficiency are boosted by adopting a six-speed manual gearbox.

An efficient CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) with six ‘virtual’ ratios that can be shifted sequentially in manual mode is offered as an alternative to the manual gearbox.

Gear changes can be achieved via the conventionally positioned gear lever, but also by using the convenient  shift paddles mounted behind the steering wheel.

Fuel consumption is impressive. The appetite of the front-wheel drive SX4 2.0 Manual comes  to 7,3 litres/100 km, while the CVT-equipped model sips just 7,6 litres/100 km.

Even more distinctive and sporty

The styling of the SX4 expresses a refined, yet distinctive personality. The powerful visual elements include the bold ‘S’ Suzuki logo on the front grille, the wrap-around headlights, and the low-and-wide proportions that hint at its underlying pedigree.

A rising waistline and generous glass areas give rise to a sporty, wedged shape that promises active performance and stability, while the bold 16-inch alloy wheels, over-fenders, wheel arch mouldings and roof rails add muscle and purpose to the design.

Comfort and refinement

The cabin blends an intuitive and ergonomic design with a welcoming sense of comfort, overriding quality and  pure refinement.

The dashboard itself is angled away from the occupants to achieve a user-friendly, yet liberating effect, while the primary controls and instruments are strategically placed for optimal visibility and efficient interface with the driver.

The SX4 was developed to accommodate a family of five, or four adults, with ease, and features generous dimensions that allow for impressive levels of leg, head and shoulder room, particularly for the rear occupants.

The rear seats are positioned slightly higher than those in the front to improve comfort and provide an improved field of vision. Furthermore, the ideal height of the seats is complemented by the large door openings and a high 175 mm ground clearance to facilitate ease of entry and exit.

As expected, the versatile nature of the SX4 extends to the luggage area, with a 60/40 split rear seat configuration using a folding and tumbling action to achieve a completely flat loading floor, while expanding the capacity from 270 to a maximum of 625 litres.

In the interests of greater comfort and refinement, Suzuki has adopted extensive noise insulating measures. The powertrain employs a large engine undercover, efficient prop-shaft damper and a shift-device cover.

The SX4 employs reinforced body parts and internal materials, which create an extremely rigid body shell.

These measures yield effective noise insulation and noise absorption properties, thereby reducing engine and external noise intrusion into the cabin for improved comfort and refinement.

A track record of success

The SX4 headlined the launch of Suzuki Auto SA in June 2008, and has played a central role in re-establishing the Japanese brand locally, allowing it to achieve constant growth since launch.

Combining key attributes of the SUV segment and the talents of the family hatch category, the SX4 lifestyle hatchback has been a highly successful formula in SA. Launced in 2010, the current, updated  version continues that legacy of success.

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Published : Thursday October 6, 2011

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