The latest Warranty Direct survey has been published by What Car? magazine and Suzuki’s renowned reputation for reliability has again been reinforced with another strong result for the brand, scoring 50 points in the Reliability Index. The lower the number, the more reliable the brand, and Suzuki’s was considerably lower than the average score across manufacturers measured which was 100.

Suzuki Awards

Suzuki was fourth overall across 36 manufacturers and joined seven other Japanese manufacturers in the top 10.

The Reliability Index takes into account all factors of a repair including the cost of parts, frequency of failures as well as time off the road. Suzuki cars measured in the survey had an average age of 4.5 years, mileage of 35,600 with only 19 per cent requiring a warranty claim. Of this low percentage, there were no nasty surprises in store either as the average repair cost across the Suzuki range was just £265. Suzuki was noted in the survey as having the fewest problems relating to engine cooling and interior heating.

In the Supermini segment, Suzuki’s low cost of ownership was highlighted even further with previous generation Alto at 4.5 years old ranking as one of the cheapest cars to repair at just £78. Alto achieved a Reliability Index score of 8.00 and had only a 10 per cent chance of requiring a warranty repair.

The Suzuki Alto is currently the lowest cost new car on sale in the UK priced at just £5,995 for the SZ model under Suzuki’s VAT free offers until the end of September. Alto has emissions of 99g/km and is VED and London congestion charge exempt.