The 2013 RM-Z450 has arrived in UK dealers, following its successful launch to UK press at Apex Motocross Track earlier this month.

Suzuki 2013 RM-Z450

Stemming from development work at the hands of Suzuki’s factory riders the world over, the new model boasts a number of major updates and changes, offering improved handling and enhanced performance.

Developed through Finite Element Method analysis, the new piston is 13% lighter, without compromising strength and durability, while the connecting rod is reshaped and lighter, too, all allowing for a faster and smoother throttle response.

Suzuki RM-Z450

To deal with the increase in power, the chassis has been stiffened, and the bike benefits from second generation, Showa SFF front forks, which separates the damper in the left leg from the spring housed in the right, allowing for lighter construction, reduced friction, improved damping and better ride control.

Suzuki GB’s Marketing Manager, George Cheeseman, commented, “Following continued worldwide race development at the hands of Suzuki’s factory riders, the RM-Z450 has undergone some major changes, increasing the power and enhancing the handling. After the successful launch of the bike earlier this month and the positive feedback it received, we’re now very pleased to unveil the 2013 RM-Z450 in UK dealers.”

Tyco Suzuki rider and Red Bull Pro Nationals runner-up Martin Barr said, “The bike is absolutely fantastic, straight out of the crate. The power delivery, the handling; all the bits that have been played about with have improved the bike and make a really big difference. With the new SFF forks, the bike is really, really stable coming into a corner and you can put it where you want it basically. I love the bike straight off.”