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Outboard motor production reaches three-million mark

Suzuki Marine

Suzuki Motor Corporation has underlined its status as a major player in the global marine outboard motor market by achieving a milestone three-million production figure. The brand’s outboard motors are marketed in 144 countries and regions worldwide, and enjoy an established reputation for innovation, performance and reliability.

Suzuki started development of an outboard motor range in 1962, and launched its first outboard motor, the 98 cc, 5,5 horsepower D55 in April 1965. Since then, Suzuki has continuously expanded its outboard range.

stroke motors ranging in power from 2,5 to s Toyokawa plant in Japan, as well as at Thai Suzuki Motor Company in Thailand.


A key technology developed by Suzuki, and incorporated in a growing number of its outboard engines, is the Lean Burn Control System, which predicts fuel needs according to operating conditions, and adjusts fuel mixture accordingly to achieve the highest possible level of efficiency under any given operating parameters.

The process demands a highly sophisticated fuel injection system that allows fuel to be injected at precisely controlled rates and volumes, allowing a more efficient combustion process, and resulting in more power for less fuel at reduced emissions.

Other technologies incorporated into Suzuki’s advanced outboard engines include multipoint fuel injection, variable valve timing, and multi-stage induction, all of which contribute to enhanced performance and efficiency, as well as lower operating costs.


Suzuki won the inaugural US National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) Innovation Award with its DT200 Exanté outboard motor in 1987, and has won the award seven times, most recently for the DF300AP in 2012.

In addition to their acknowledged track record for innovation, Suzuki outboard motors are also renowned for their quality, durability, low weight, compact form factor and ease of use.


Suzuki will be celebrating 50 years of marine outboard motor sales in 2015.