Suzuki Hot DF250SS is a real show-stopper

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JIMS 2008: SUZUKI MARINE Hot DF250SS is a real show-stopper!

Suzuki Marine’s presence at the Johannesburg International Motor Show forms the third, vital component of the Suzuki Way Of Life World – a unique, multi-faceted exhibition of the brand’s automotive, motorcycle/ATV and marine products.

Suzuki Engine 250SS

With the Suzuki Way of Life display situated right on the lakeside in the heart of the Johannesburg Exhibition Centre, Suzuki Marine is able to showcase its products exactly where they belong: in the water.

The DF Series of four-stroke outboards boasts frugal consumption, low emissions, reduced noise levels and proven reliability. But their mix of economy and low running costs doesn’t compromise outright performance.

While the marine division will have its full line-up of outboard motors on display, much of the interest will centre around the Suzuki four-stroke DF250SS.

This latest addition to the Suzuki outboard motor line-up has been specially engineered to satisfy the marine market’s desire for speed, in a wide range of applications that includes tournament bass boats, sport pontoons, ski boats, flat boats, bay boats and other vessels equipped with 508 mm transoms.

Despite its sleek dimensions, the big-block Suzuki 250SS features a whopping 4,0-litre capacity, while twin overhead camshafts ensure impressive efficiency and the sheer power required to deliver the speed and acceleration demanded by top-league boat owners.

The motor’s narrow, 55-degree block and proven off-set driveshaft are the reason behind the 250SS’ sleek and compact dimensions, while also moving the centre of gravity forward on the transom.

Arguably one of Suzuki’s most advanced four-stroke outboards to date, the DF250SS bristles with leading-edge technology.

Among its key features are systems such as variable valve timing, a high-tech 32-bit engine management system, and an extra-large dual air intake for Suzuki’s proven, multi-stage induction system.

Thanks to its two manifolds per cylinder, the DF250SS is able to deliver the best of both worlds without fear of compromise. At lower engine speeds, the first intake manifold focuses on low-down torque and instant acceleration, even when under load.

Once on the plane in open water, however, the second intake manifold allows improved breathing for better top-end power at close to maximum revs. A hydrodynamic lower unit, and aggressive gearing, also contribute to lightning-fast hole shots, and eye-watering acceleration.

While the new DF250SS may be the main attraction among Suzuki Marine’s outboard motors, the rest of the extensive range is also on display, ranging from the massive DF-300, all the way down to the tiny DF2,5. The result is an outboard motor for all key boating and angling applications.

Key advantages typical of the DF Series include the electronically controlled, multipoint fuel injection, which allows both optimum performance and economical running costs. Besides, proven durability and reliability are synonymous with Suzuki’s four-stroke range.

Because they are four-stroke, Suzuki outboards are also considered eco-friendly. They meet various US and global emissions standards. And also contributing to the efficiency cause are the compact and lightweight dimensions of the DF-250SS.

Add ease of use, superior performance and smooth, quiet operation, and it’s easy to understand why Suzuki Marine is making so many friends.

The Suzuki Way of Life display also includes several Suzumar boats and hulls. With such varied roles to fulfil, deciding on the correct hull is easier said than done.

Suzumar has a wide range of approved boats to choose from, including both rigid and inflatable hulls. One of the most eye-catching is the magnificent Twister 730, a majestic design offering extremely high levels of performance, luxury and versatility.

Smaller but no less advanced are the Unreel, Barker and Bass Seeker range of boats, while the Suzumar 290A, 310RIB and 390A are compact inflatables suited to a variety of tasks.

With features such as stainless steel fittings, ample fuel tank capacity, non-feedback steering and a clean hull design, Suzumar’s boat range is hugely popular. An impressive array of accessories allows individuals to customise their particular model to suit personal taste and preference.

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