Rain, snow and sub-zero conditions make winter the most hazardous time of year on the road. Suzuki GB PLC is keen to ensure drivers are well-equipped to tackle the worst the weather can throw at them by offering a great value winter tyre promotion with prices on average 10 per cent lower than last Winter and with storage facility now available.

Suzuki Winter Tyres

By fitting cold weather tyres to their vehicle, Suzuki owners can increase safety just when they need it most. Michael Le-Flay, Suzuki Aftersales Marketing Manager, explained: “Many people are unaware of the fact that when temperatures drop below 7°C, the rubber in standard tyres becomes harder and less flexible, which affects braking and cornering performance.

“It doesn’t matter how many electronic aids your car may have, the quality of its tyres is critical. The compound used for cold weather tyres, and their tread design are tailored to cope with adverse conditions, so that the best levels of car control can be maintained.

Fitting cold weather tyres can also be an investment as motorists travelling an average annual mileage could get two or three years use from a set. Switching over tyres for the winter months can also mean the difference in reaching a destination safely rather than having to postpone the journey, or at worst, having to abandon the car – a common sight on the roads if snow arrives.

Suzuki has quality tyres available for all current models; for convenience, the cold weather tyre programme consists of a ready to fit wheel and tyre set and, taking Alto as an example, are now available at just £99 each including VAT with a full set of wheel trims available from £33 including VAT.

A full price list for the Suzuki range is listed below.

Alto (2009 on) 155/65R14 75T £99 each inc VAT
Swift (new and previous model) 185/60R15 84T £125 each inc VAT
Swift Sport (previous model) 185/60R15 84T £115 each inc VAT
Swift Sport (new model) 195/50 R16 84H £169 each inc VAT
Splash 185/60R15 88T £110 each inc VAT
SX4 205/60R16 96H £169 each inc VAT
Jimny 205/70R15 96T £169 each inc VAT
Grand Vitara 215/70R16 100T £199 each inc VAT
Kizashi 215/60R16 99H £189 each inc VAT

To help customers further, Suzuki is now offering an annual storage facility across its dealer network for a recommended retail price of £49.99 which includes a wheel / tyre inspection and wheel balance of Winter and Summer tyres. For a recommended retail price of £99.99, customers also have the option of a front and rear brake inspection, safety checking and cleaning of their wheels / tyres and then storage by Suzuki GB PLC in Milton Keynes.