Suzuki sponsors ITV1 movies from July 1

As part of the brand’s major step change in its UK advertising with ‘HAVE TO have it’, Suzuki GB PLC is pleased to announce a major sponsorship collaboration with ITV1 and a production of light hearted ident clips shown during advertisement breaks between Blockbuster movies over the next 12 months.

Suzuki sponsor movies

The short clips -varying in length from five to 15 seconds – continue the theme based on the UK filmed TV advert where the customer is very resistant to give the car back after a test drive and in some cases won’t even get out of the car in the showroom.

The 18 individual film clips tell the story and demonstrate the fact that during new car buying research more than half the people who test drive any new Suzuki, buy a Suzuki. Taking Swift as an example, over 56 per cent of prospective buyers who test drove one made a swift decision to buy.  Alto results were even stronger at 63 per cent purchasing after test drive.

The first clip will be shown during ‘The Boat that Rocked’ on Sunday 1st July and the theme will follow on during 20 movies being shown throughout July and many more over the next 12 months.

The TV advert also breaks at this time and communicates the absolute need to keep the car once you’ve driven it by taking the viewer on a never ending test drive. The 60” advert shows the dealer demonstrating the car and as time passes the customer has still not returned it, we see the dealer become caught up in the family’s everyday life, witness him going on holiday with them and even being present at their baby’s christening. The advert ends with the dealer at a family meal finally plucking up the courage to say ‘I really think I should be going now’, before cutting to the endline ‘Once you try it, you have to have it’.