Super Truck

Supertrucks and Max Klemm GmbH & Co KG celebrate their 21 year partnership at Fensterbau Frontale (stand 446, hall 4, March 21 -24, Nuremberg) by showing two of its newly improved Supertrucks 2012 glass carrying racks for panel vans.

Peter Wright, Supertrucks’ chairman, comments, “We are delighted to celebrate our 21 year partnership with Max Klemm GmbH.  This has been a very beneficial partnership for both companies involved and one which has seen a steady increase in the amount of Supertrucks product sold in Germany.  Today Supertrucks exports over 15% of its total output to Germany – which is a reflection of Max Klemm’s successful sales operation and the quality of our product.”

Super Truck 2012

Making its Fensterbau Frontale show debut is a van fitted with the 2012 model Supertrucks Low-Mount external glass carrying rack.  This popular option reduces the load height of the external rack ledge by 100mm for easier/safer glass loading and lower centre of gravity.  The show Low-Mount application includes an optional folding, wide (230mm) ledge to enable glass sheets, window frames and doors to be carried.  Also optionally fitted to the show exhibit is the Supertrucks’GLASS STOP! device, for additional load restraint in an emergency stop

The other Fensterbau Frontale show Supertrucks exhibit is a van fitted with the new 2012 version of the company’s Extendable-Rack. This rack is specified by customers who only occasionally have to carry very large sheets of glass.  Normally the rack is run in its retracted, low height position – in the case of the show model giving a 2.5m supported load height.

But, if taller sheets of glass have to be transported the Extendable-Rack can be telescopically extended upwards to provide an additional 500mm of supported load height.  The telescopic extension process has been made easier thanks to the 2012 versions of the Extendable-Rack new nylon slider sections.

All 2012 Supertrucks glass carrying racks now have an improved specification to provide even greater operational and safety benefits. These new Supertrucks racks – which do not require the van’s side panel to be drilled to fit – also have the best warranty of any produced in Europe.

For 2012, all Supertrucks glass carrying racks include a free upgrade to System 2 poles, for additional load carrying versatility.  The Supertrucks System 2 pole, thanks to its patented parallelogram action clamping devices, can safely accommodate mixed load sizes and thicknesses of glass panels carried on the rack.

In addition Supertrucks has fitted all its 2012 production with a new full length splash guard along the lower edge of the rack.  This ensures that the glass carried on the rack is kept clean from road dirt.  The new splash guard includes a removable panel to allow access to the rear wheel.  Other 2012 Supertrucks improvements include fitting larger reflectors on the front and rear of the rack.

Supertrucks glass carrying racks are the only ones manufactured in the UK to be awarded the internationally recognised German TUV engineering and safety certification.  Also, all Supertrucks’ glass carrying racks and roof racks for panel vans are covered by an extended three-year/100,000 mile warranty