Supermoon Images 2012


    Supermoon – Perigee-Syzygy on 5 May 2012

    SupermoonIf you look outside tonight and see that the moon is slightly bigger than usual your eyes will not be deceiving you. On the 5th of May 2012 it will be the closest the moon appears to be to earth and as a result the moon will appear bigger than usual.

    What is Supermoon

    Supermoon is a term coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. The term supermoon refers to the moon when its orbit is closest to the earth and when it is full moon. The moon then seems to be bigger than usual. In Astrology circles the term “Supermoon” is not widely acceptable and the preferred Astrology name is “Perigee Syzygy”.

    Supermoon Phenomenon and Superstition

    It is believed by many people that when it is full moon and specifically “Supermoon” it is more likely that there will be natural disasters like earth quakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami’s. There is however no scientific information available to prove that during this period there is a higher risk of Natural disasters.

    Supermoon Images from South Africa

    I have taken some images of the “Supermoon” phenomenon. These images were taken with a Sony A700 camera using a 75mm-300mm lens.


    “Image of Supermoon taken in Johannesburg South Africa”

    Perigee Syzygy

    “Image of the moon – Supermoon – 5 May 2012”

     Supermoon 2012

    Photos of Supermoon

    If you have photos of the 2012 Supermoon phenomenon please send these to

    for publication. It would be interesting to see what the moon looked like in other parts of the world.