Anaheim, CA – Red Bull KTM Factory rider Dean Ferris earned 11th overall after rebounding from a mid-race crash at the third round of the Monster Energy West 250 Supercross Series held at Angel Stadium.


Ferris got a great jump in his heat race and was sitting in a qualifying position from the start. He was able to make a few key passes to put his KTM in 5th place by the end of the heat. His result earned him a decent gate pick in the main event.

When the gate dropped for the main event, Ferris had an okay jump off the line and was able to cut to the inside of the first corner and move his bike to the 3rd place spot by the next rhythm section. Ferris held 3rd position for the majority of that lap before falling to 6th on lap two.

Ferris remained in 6th for the next few laps until Malcolm Stewart crashed right in his line. Ferris could not maneuver away from Stewart and ended up crashing as well. He recovered quickly but lost multiple positions. He spent the remainder of the race trying to close back in on the top ten. He fell just one spot short, finishing the main event in 11th place.

“It’s unfortunate that I crashed tonight,” commented Ferris. “I was hoping to improve upon last week’s performance but my crash set me back. Having a poor result just motivates you to try harder each week. I will work even harder this week to be inside the top ten at the next round in Oakland.”

Next Event; Oakland, CA – January 25, 2014

Overall Results –

  1. Cole Seely
  2. Jason Anderson – KTM
  3. Cooper Webb
  4. Malcolm Stewart
  5. Justin Hill
  6. Shane McElrath
  7. Dean Wilson
  8. Zach Osborne
  9. Michael Leib
  10. Jessy Nelson
  11. Dean Ferris – KTM
  12. Dakota Tedder
  13. Cole Martinez
  14. Chris Plouffe
  15. Valentin Teillet
  16. Chris Howell
  17. Chris Proscelle
  18. Conner Elliott
  19. Scott Champion
  20. Austin Burns
  21. Aaron Siminoe
  22. Joseph Dalzell

Overall Point Standings –

  1. Jason Anderson – 72
  2. Cole Seely – 69
  3. Zach Osborne – 53