Super Bowl Commercial 2014 – Audi Doberhuahua


Super Bowl Commercial 2014 – Audi Doberhuahua


Today February 2, 2014 the Seattle Seahawks are taking on the Denver Broncos at the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. The game is set to kick off at 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time. The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event held annually in the USA and millions of people across the globe will watch the game today.

Advertisers have for years traditionally created some of the best advertisements during this time, to show their products on the Television stations broadcasting the game. Since the internet revolution many of these companies are now also showcasing their advertisements on the internet and millions of people across the globe search for these advertisements to see which company made the best advertisement or simply to have a good laugh.

This year Audi came up with the Doberhuahua concept, and I cannot decide if the advertisement is made in bad taste or simply someone in the Audi marketing department with a sick sense of humor, being able to get the attention of millions of people across the globe. It has been said any advertising is good advertising, and with the Doberhuahua advertisement it rings true.

The Audi Super Bowl Commercial 2014 dubbed Doberhuahua have already received 7.5 Million Views on Youtube, with lots of people sharing and talking about the video.

It is only when I viewed the Super Bowl Audi Commercial for the second time that I got what Audi was trying to say in their advertisement, and I realized how brilliant the advertisement actually were. The message is that “Compromise Scares us too” meaning that you should not Mix your cars and only use Audi Genuine parts, or buy a car that is built by one manufacturer like Audi and not consist of different brands making up a “New Car”.