Super Bowl Ads 2014 – Volkswagen


Today February 2, 2014 the Internet is abuzz with news about the 2014 Super Bowl that kicks off today in New Jersey at 6:30pm. The NFL Super Bowl XLVIII game is going to be played between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. All indications are that it is going to be a BIG game.


As part of the build up to the game, the Automotive Companies have once again showed their support for the sport, by committing advertising money to the game. This year Volkswagen have an interesting advertisement planned for the game, they have released two video previews of what is to be their Super Bowl 2014 Ads. (We will have to wait and see if these are the actual Super Bowl Ads) as many companies have used these only as a build up to the game.

Super Bowl 2014 Commercial Teaser 1

Everyone knows that German Cars are some of the best cars on our roads, and that the Germans have built a big reputation called “German Precision”. In this teaser it shows a German Engineer planning the Super Bowl 2014 Volkswagen Ad. Behind the German Engineer there is a white board with all their commercial plans layout! It looks like they have analyzed all the things people want to see in an advertisement and combined these into their Super Bowl 2014 Ad.

At the end of the Commercial the Engineer says that he does not like the advertisement, making us think that this is indeed only a teaser advertisement and not the real thing!

Super Bowl 2014 Commercial Teaser 2

In the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 Ad a girl and her dad is driving in a Volkswagen Car. Her Dad tells her that every time a Volkswagen car drives 100 000 miles an engineer gets his wings. The Video jumps between the Father and the girl having their conversation and the Volkswagen plant where the Technicians grows wings randomly when a Volkswagen car gets 100 000 miles on the clock.

I may be getting old, but the Volkswagen Super Bowl 2014 Commercial Teaser 2 is just not working for me!

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